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Quelle: Greek Reporter

The number of refugees and migrants stranded in Greece has reached 42,000 while more arrive from Turkey daily, according to Greek authorities.

Head of the Coordinating Committee for the Management of the Refugee Crisis Giorgos Kyritsis said on Thursday morning on Mega television that the number of stranded migrants in Greece is 41,973 at the moment.

Estimating roughly, Kyritsis said that about 12,000 refugees are in Idomeni, in the neutral zone between Greece and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 20,000 in various hospitality centers throughout Greece and 10,000 in temporary accommodation centers in Athens and Attica.

Shipping Minister Theodoros Dritsas said on Mega television on Thursday that the refugee flows from Izmir in Turkey to the island of Chios stopped completely on Tuesday, the day Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was in the city for talks with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu.

However, a few hours after the return of the Greek prime minister, flows from Izmir started again and within 24 hours, 1,600 migrants and refugees crossed from Izmir to nearby Chios.

“This is true. I assure you that the number is recorded and we took the appropriate actions. I would like to be careful in my public statements about these issues. But I confirm that the government and all relevant ministries do not stop highlighting such issues. The monitoring and interventions are daily,” Dritsas said.

The shipping minister also said that about 4,000 refugees have found shelter at the Piraeus Port, waiting to be distributed in refugee accommodation centers. Also, Dritsas said, NATO ships have started patrolling the waters between Greece and Turkey for monitoring refugee-smuggling activities.

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