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This is an urgent call to come to Chios and monitor the situation there.

Read some infos on how it’s been there the last days:

Those activists who’ve done it last week will leave on Tuesday. Their work has been super essential and must be maintained, since there’s still little to no press and the police act badly towards refugees, who are detained and get zero information from the officials and cannot apply for asylum.

Your task will not be to provide food or goods, but to stay around the camp, talk to people, exchange information, and to forward your information to the public by collecting information from those who are detained and then be in touch with activists and press.

If there will be no activists, there will be no one to monitor this situation! People will be left alone with the Greek police who keep them inprisoned and some volunteers who cook and do not seem to care about anything but how many diapers they distribute each day.

If you have any contact to Greek lawyers, that would be awesome.
If you are interested, those who are currently there can tell you were they stayed and what they think is best behavior towards the police, who have tried to criminalize their work in the past days.
You can stay at the Solicafe for free, but there’s also cheap accomondation available. It would be useful to rent a car.

To keep people behind bars like this is unlawful. The isolation of these camps does not only aim to deport them back to Turkey, but also to break solidarity. That makes it even more important to be there now.

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