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Collection on relevant news: Week #14/2016 (31.3.2016)

In any case check Twitter #RefugeesGr & #Idomeni. 

Aegean Sea, Islands & Turkey:

Informations on leaving Greece:

Mainland of Greece – legal & political informations:

 „Dmitris Mardas used to be co-financial minister, now he is foreign minister, his plan: Migrants who transfer their money from foreign bank accounts to Greece and invest here, will have the chance on a more permanent residance in Greece“. He gets critic from everywhere for this for thinking like a facist and making money with migrants. But he still fights for his plans and brings up that countrys like Turkey make money with migrants as well, f.e. Syrian busnisses migrated to Turkey and Turkish economy profits a lot. Scientists doubt this plan, even if they realize this, why should people transfer their money to Greece and invest there they say.“

  • It’s not really possible to apply for Asylum or Relocation in Greece at the moment:
  • Giving an inside view into a Refugee Camp in Greece plus some additional opinions on relocation, since it is not working at the moment:
  • Very random: Estonia received the first 7 relocated migrants from Greece:
  • At the moment it is almost impossible to reach somebody via Skype from the Greek offices. But to apply for asylum, family reunion or relocation this is the only way to set up a date for an interview. This article describes the experience of people who tried for several days to reach the hotlines (unfort. only in German):
  • Report about a case of torture in police custody in Thessaloniki. Following the report, a migrant was tortured when police attempted to take his fingerprinted (Greek):
  • „The deal struck between the EU and Turkey to manage the refugee crisis is a „spectacular failure,“ Greek politician Dimitris Papadimoulis, who heads the ruling Syriza party’s MEPs, tells DW.“
  • Greek Government started to transfer people from the Pireaus port to other camps all over Greece:

Idomeni – Check on Twitter #Idomeni:



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