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Collection on relevant news: Week #15/2016 (3.4.2016)

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Aegean Sea & Islands:


  • 1/4 Mass returns from Turkey to Syria – report by Amnesty international:
  • 3/4 Turkey refuted the Amnesty report and states that they still have open door policy:
  • 1/4 Press release by Mülteci-Der (Turkish) about the EU-Turkey deal, complaining f.e. about the conditions in the detention centers (no lawyers, no phones). People accused to be ‚Terrorist‘ can be detained completly isolated, no access to basic rights. Furthermore about police violance & children rights.. signed by several groups & NGOs form Turkey:
  • 2/4 Fascist protests in the Turkish city of Dikili: “ Turks protest plans to process migrants returned under EU deal“
  • 2/4 UN-Offical states that the EU-Turkey deal could be illigal: “ Senior UN figure says deporting people without considering their asylum applications would break international law“
  • 2/4 Turkey builds new facilitys since Germany announced to take the first Syrians after the deal from Turkey – there it is informed that 2 camps, one in Dikili (South Turkey) and one in Chesme (near Izmir – near the departure places to Chios) are getting ‚prepared to proceed the transfer of people‘ as agreed on in the deal:

Mainland of Greece – legal & political informations:

  • 31/3 „Greek asylum system reaches breaking point“ – about situation in Greece before the government passed the new law: https://www.irinnews.org/news/
  • 31/3 (German) report about a huge fight at Pieaeus Port in Athens. Unfortunatly its hard to find something in english about this:
  • 1/4 8 injured people after clashes at the port of Piraeus/Athens:
  • 1/4 The Greek Government passed the law which was needed to start fully with the EU-Turkey deal:“The legislation does not explicitly designate Turkey as a „safe third country“ – a formula to make any mass returns legally sound. The European Commission sees this as not essential, provided rules are in place to allow people to be sent back to a „safe third country“ or a „safe first country of asylum“, with each case examined individually.EU officials have said the formula was devised to get around unease among lawmakers in Greece’s ruling Syriza party to declare Turkey safe when it is waging a military crackdown on Kurdish separatists and is accused of curbing media freedom and judicial independence.
  • 2/4 Germany announces to take in the first relocated Syrians from Turkey when deal starts:
  • 2/4 Situation in camp in Athens:

Idomeni – Check on Twitter #Idomeni:



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