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Quelle: New York Times | 2401.2017


Migrants are stuck in freezing conditions behind the central train station in Belgrade, Serbia, where they survive on one meal a day.

Many of the estimated 1,000 migrants are escaping instability in Afghanistan, where a worsening war with the Taliban has sent record numbers of people fleeing their homes. They have lingered for weeks in legal limbo, unable to move north after European countries along the Balkans shut their borders last year. “They have been left for months without any regular access to running water, toilets and showers,” Andrea Contenta, an official with Doctors Without Borders, said.

The migrants have only the most basic supplies, like food and blankets, distributed by volunteer aid groups. Some build fires for warmth inside abandoned buildings, creating clouds of noxious fumes.

Abdul Saboor, 28, an Afghan migrant who has been in Belgrade for four months, had intended to go to Italy or France. But he was unable to pass. “Lots of people here are sick,” Mr. Saboor said. “They give food only one time in 24 hours — only one time. Sometimes, they cannot give food to everyone.”

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