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On the 5th of May the Ministry of Labor, Social and Veteran Affairs announced to relocate migrants who are staying in Belgrade to the reception centres all over Serbia. According to Nenad Ivansevic, State Secretary of this Ministry, the plan was to complete this mission within 20 days. As for now, on the 10th of May 2017, the information at hands intensify towards a quicker eviction than primarily announced. Also, although it was announced that „force will not be used to transfer migrants – instead they will be offered, ‚in a humane manner“ to move to a reception center“² the Commissariat for refugees already announced to start the eviction and demolishment of the Baracks already by tomorrow 7am. Furthermore, several kitchen collectives were told that they have to stop providing food by the end of this weekend.

As the eviction is expected to start today morning, 7am, a twitter account was just launched where updates about the process of eviction will be posted. You can follow it on twitter.

The baracks behind the Busstations were squatted in August 2016 after the Commissariat and Police evicted the Parks around the Busstation. Since then they were used, in a selforganized way by people to live there, because they are stuck in Serbia and also by people in solidarity. In winter time they’ve attracted a lot of media attention due to the bad weather conditions in Belgrade, but although people have been mainly victimized and presented as suffering individuals, the baracks also have been a place where collective organizing, different forms of solidarity and exchange as well as communication and learning have become possible. Few people know about the level of autonomous organizing that was happening there – also before the appearance of volonteers and media – : collective cooking, a selforganized language school, sports, discussions and exchange of knowledge, simply everyday life in unusual circumstances.

The squatted warehouses, together with the resistance of the Timotijević-family on that same area, where also the place that became the frontline in the struggle against the Belgrade Waterfront gentrification project.

The plan of the government, to evict the squats and move people to poorly conditioned, overcrowded and remote areas is happening in line with overall EU practices. Pushing people out of sight, detaining them in isolation and with no possibility to organize, protest, visibilize their demands and collectively exchange with other people is something that likewisely happened all over the so called „Balkanroute“ and other european countries, too.

This eviction is not conducted peacefully, no matter what words the authorities use to describe their action. There for it may not be feased without resistance. The baracks are on the venue of the high investment project Belgrade Waterfront, so maybe there’s enough political and financial pressure to actually succeed in evicting the squat, but people will never stop fighting against these dehumanizing and cruel policies.

They may succeed in evicting baracks, but they will never succeed in evicting the freedom of movement.

A concrete analysis, a political statement and other forms of protest, monitoring, reports and actions will be done online and offline in the upcoming days. Keep yourself updated, show solidarity and take action.

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