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Libya Herald | 05.01.2017

By Jamie Prentis

Forces loyal to the Presidency Council (PC) are challenging the long-standing Amazigh control of the key Ras Jedir border crossing to Tunisia.

At dawn today forces led by Usama Juwaili, the western region military commander appointed by the Presidency Council, advanced towards border areas controlled by militias from the predominately Amazigh town of Zuwara.

There are no confirmed details of the engagements but it is said that at least three people have been killed. It is further being reported that three wounded have been brought to Zuwara hospital.

There are also accounts of a serious fire at the Abu Khamash petrochemical plant. It has not been possible to contact the National Oil Corporation for details of this blaze.

It is understood that since the fighting began the Ras Jedir border crossing has been closed. Some reports have it that Libyan border officials have fled across the frontier and asked for protection from their Tunisian opposite numbers.

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