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taz | 06.12.2017

Das Innenministerium zwingt erneut Asylbewerber zur Ausreise nach Kabul. Manche stammen aus dem Iran und waren noch nie in Afghanistan.

Helke Ellersiek

LEIPZIG taz | Einen Tag vor der Innenministerkonferenz in Leipzig lässt das Bundesinnenministerium (BMI) erneut Flüchtlinge nach Afghanistan abschieben. Die abgelehnten Asylbewerber sollen nach Informationen des Bayerischen Flüchtlingsrates am Mittwoch vom Frankfurter Flughafen nach Kabul geflogen werden. Das BMI wollte die Abschiebung nicht bestätigen. Beim Besuch des Bundesamtes für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) am Mittwochmorgen bekräftigte Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière (CDU), an der Abschiebepraxis festzuhalten. Demnach sollen trotz der schlechten Sicherheitslage in Afghanistan Gefährder, schwere Straftäter und hartnäckige Identitätsverweigerer abgeschoben werden.

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06. Dezember 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Greek refugee camps ‚beyond desperate‘ as islanders protest in Athens · Kategorien: Griechenland · Tags:

The Guardian | 06.12.2017

Demonstrators from islands including Chios, Lesbos and Samos lead protests in Athens and demand government acts

Humanitarian groups have warned of a looming emergency on Greece’s eastern Aegean islands, the day after residents converged on Athens in protest at policies that have led to thousands of migrants and refugees being marooned in reception centres.

A surge in arrivals from neighbouring Turkey has seen numbers soar with officials speaking of a four-fold increase in men, women and children seeking asylum on Chios, Kos, Leros, Lesbos and Samos.

Conditions are deteriorating in the vastly overcrowded camps in a situation that Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) on Wednesday warned was “beyond desperate”.

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06. Dezember 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „Sklavenhandel mit Flüchtlingen in Libyen: Gefangen im Ghetto von Garabuli“ · Kategorien: Libyen · Tags:

taz | 06.12.2017

Hinter einer hohen Mauer sind Hunderte Migranten eingesperrt. Sie warten darauf, an den Meistbietenden verkauft zu werden.

Mirco Keilberth

GARABULI taz | Kein Schild weist auf der Schnellstraße zwischen Tripolis und Misurata zu dem Strandabschnitt mit Ferienhaussiedlungen hin, umgeben von Mauern, die den Namen Garabuli trägt. Nur die Fahrzeugspuren auf den unbefestigten Wegen sind ein Hinweis, was viele Migranten in Libyen mit Garabuli verbinden: zuerst ein Gefängnis und dann, ihre große Hoffnung, die Überfahrt nach Europa. „Zu den Ghettos? Dort lang“, weist ein Schäfer freundlich den Weg.

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06. Dezember 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „Misunderstanding migration in North and West Africa“ · Kategorien: Afrika, EU, Frankreich · Tags:

ECFR | 05.12.2017

A shocking report on the apparent slave trade in migrants trapped in Libya has focused European attention on combatting smugglers. But ‘cracking down’ on migrant networks is not the answer.

Andrew Lebovich

Last week, European and African leaders met in Abidjan for the fifth AU-EU summit, an event meant to mark a turning page in cooperation on the continent. But what was meant to be a much broader series of meetings and discussions has taken on a major focus on migration, one that demonstrates the EU’s ongoing failure to understand the realities of the movements of people. This failure risks exacerbating the problems faced by migrants and would-be migrants in Africa.

The migration issue took on added importance shortly before the summit due to the firestorm internationally (especially within Africa) that followed a CNN report purportedly documenting slave markets for migrants held in Libya. The report sent shockwaves through the Sahel and Europe, as regional presidents summoned Libyan ambassadors for explanations and hundreds of sub-Saharan migrants were repatriated from the country.

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06. Dezember 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für 2017 Africa Report on Internal Displacement · Kategorien: Afrika, Lesehinweise

iDMC | 12.2017

Our second report on internal displacement in Africa highlights the severity of the continent’s continuing displacement crisis. Published to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the entry into force of the African Union’s Kampala Convention, the report provides new and compelling evidence for action and calls for a new approach to displacement that addresses its causes and longer-term implications, as well as its immediate humanitarian consequences.

Key messages:

  • Africa’s decades-long displacement crisis demands a renewal of the political will and leadership that African governments demonstrated when they agreed to the Kampala Convention in 2009.
  • National and international partners must work collectively across mandates and institutional barriers to deal more systematically not only with the immediate consequences of internal displacement, but also its causes and longer-term impacts.
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05. Dezember 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für La justicia marroquí aplaza la declaración de la activista española Helena Maleno al 27 de diciembre · Kategorien: Marokko, Spanien · Tags:

eldiario | 05.12.2017

  • La defensora de los derechos de los migrantes había solicitado su aplazamiento para tener acceso al expediente judicial completo antes de comparecer ante el juez
  • El magistrado alauí ha accedido sin imponer medidas condicionales a Maleno, que ha ido acompañada de representación consular de España
  • „Estamos más tranquilos y contentos. Ahora tendremos más tiempo para preparar la defensa. Seguiremos defendiendo que salvar vidas no es un delito“, ha afirmado Ernesto G. Maleno, hijo de la activista 

El Tribunal de Apelación de Tánger ha aplazado la declaración de la activista Helena Maleno Garzón, como ha solicitado su abogada con el objetivo de tener más información sobre el expediente judicial, en el que se relaciona a la defensora de derechos humanos con las „redes de tráfico“ de migrantes a partir de sus llamadas a Salvamento Marítimo en las que solicita rescates de personas en peligro en el mar.

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05. Dezember 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „Il piano europeo per rendere più facile respingere i migranti“ · Kategorien: EU · Tags:

Im Januar entscheidet das europäische Parlament, ob Asylbewerber in nicht-europäische Länder zurückgeschickt werden können, wenn diese als sichere Drittstaaten eingestuft werden. Das können auch Länder sein, die nicht die Genfer Flüchtlingskonvention unterzeichnet haben oder das Asylrecht nicht gilt.

Internazionale | 05.12.2017

Annalisa Camilli

Entro gennaio il parlamento europeo potrebbe approvare una norma che renderà più facile respingere i richiedenti asilo verso “paesi terzi sicuri”, una categoria molto estesa di stati extraeuropei in cui potrebbe rientrare anche la Libia, mentre il paese è al centro dell’ondata d’indignazione provocata dal video della Cnn che denuncia la tratta degli schiavi a Tripoli. Secondo la proposta di legge, chiamata Regolamento procedure, i paesi europei potrebbero infatti non accettare le richieste d’asilo di persone che siano anche solo transitate in paesi considerati “sicuri”.

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IRIN | 04.12.2017

Ventimiglia is idyllic. It sits just across the Italian border from the French Riviera. The piercingly blue waters of the Mediterranean churn against its rocky beaches, and its buildings, painted in earthy pastels, back up against the foothills of the Alps. On Fridays, the normally quiet streets are bustling with French tourists who cross the border by car, train, and bicycle to shop in its famous markets where artisans and farmers sell clothes, leather items, fresh produce, truffles, cheeses and decadent pastries. Families with young children and elderly couples stroll along the streets and sit at sidewalk cafes or eat in one of the many restaurants along the shore.

Eric Reidy

But just a short walk from the town centre, another set of visitors inhabits what seems like an entirely different world. These people are mostly from sub-Saharan Africa and have crossed the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety, economic opportunity, or both. For them, Ventimiglia is a bottleneck – one of many points where people get stuck along the long and brutal migration trail stretching from east and west Africa into northern Europe. […]


05. Dezember 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Tunisians reach Italian shores in ever larger numbers · Kategorien: Nicht zugeordnet

Al Monitor | 01.12.2017

Conor McCormick-Cavanagh

Residents of the Tunisian coastal city of Kelibia often swell with pride when telling visitors how they can see Italy from their homes on a clear summer day. But beyond offering a pleasant view, the close proximity of Europe has tempted the young to emigrate clandestinely to start new lives on another continent.

“Tunisia is finished,” said Omar Aydi, 25, who traveled by boat from Tunisia to Italy despite not having a job lined up. Aydi, who spoke to Al-Monitor via social media, now lives with a friend in Milan and is still searching for work.

This clandestine migration between Tunisia and Italy has spiked in recent months. Overall arrivals in Italy from North Africa are down, but Tunisians, many of them fed up with the lack of opportunities in their home country, are traveling to Europe at higher-than-usual rates.

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05. Dezember 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für ONG y Unidos Podemos defienden a Helena Maleno: „Su trabajo busca salvar vidas y eso no es tráfico de inmigrantes“ · Kategorien: Marokko, Spanien · Tags: ,

eldiario | 5.12.2017

  • ONG, juristas especializados en derechos humanos y representantes políticos han reaccionado “defendiendo a Maleno”
  • Alrededor de 70 entidades han firmado el manifiesto en apoyo a la defensora de los derechos de los migrantes, lanzado este lunes por la ONG Caminando Fronteras
  • El grupo parlamentario de Unidos Podemos ha apoyado el manifiesto: „Ni un paso atrás en la defensa de los derechos de las personas migrantes. Todo nuestro apoyo, Helena Maleno“, ha dicho Pablo Iglesias

Preocupadas, alarmadas pero también cautelosas ante  la citación judicial a la que acudirá la activista Helena Maleno este martes en Marruecos en relación a una investigación penal sobre „tráfico de seres humanos“. ONG, juristas especializados en derechos humanos y representantes políticos han reaccionado „defendiendo a Maleno“.

Alrededor de 70 entidades han firmado el manifiesto en apoyo a la defensora de los derechos de los migrantes, lanzado este lunes por la ONG Caminando Fronteras. „Estamos preocupados por la situación de Helena Maleno y por lo que supone un cuestionamiento a su gran labor de defensa de los derechos de personas migrantes“, ha afirmado Irene Ortega, vocal de la Coordinadora de ONGD Española, que congrega a las organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro más importantes del país.

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