04. Mai 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „L’Europa non può affidare alla Libia le vite dei migranti“ – Video · Kategorien: EU, Italien, Libyen, Video

Internazionale | 04.05.2017

“Il rischio è che Italia ed Europa si rendano complici delle violazioni dei diritti umani commesse in Libia”, dice il direttore generale di Medici senza frontiere (Msf) Arjan Hehenkamp. Mentre le organizzazioni non governative che salvano i migranti nel Mediterraneo centrale sono al centro di un processo di criminalizzazione, l’Italia e l’Europa stanno cercando di delegare alle autorità libiche la soluzione del problema degli sbarchi.

Msf, altre ong e alcune organizzazioni internazionali, come l’Unicef, hanno denunciato le difficilissime condizioni umanitarie in cui sono detenuti i migranti in Libia.

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03. Mai 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „EU erlaubt deutsche Grenzkontrollen für weitere sechs Monate“ · Kategorien: Deutschland, EU, Österreich · Tags:

Zeit Online | 02.05.2017

Deutschland, Österreich und weitere EU-Länder dürfen ihre Grenzen noch bis November kontrollieren. Zugleich sollen sie die Reisefreiheit schrittweise wieder einführen.

Die EU-Kommission hat Deutschland erlaubt, die wegen der Flüchtlingskrise eingeführten Grenzkontrollen bis Ende November fortzuführen. Nach Angaben von EU-Innenkommissar Dimitri Avramapoulos erhielten Deutschland, Österreich, Dänemark, Schweden und Norwegen „ein letztes Mal“ eine Frist sechs Monaten. Ziel sei eine „abgestimmte und schrittweise Übergangsphase“, in der die betroffenen Länder die Grenzkontrollen „schrittweise auslaufen lassen“ und Alternativen wie verstärkte Überprüfungen auf Autobahnen nutzen.

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01. Mai 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „Navi di soccorso ONG: Quasi un clima da caccia alle streghe“ · Kategorien: EU, Italien · Tags:

Nuove Desparecidos | 26.04.2017

di Emilio Drudi

Continua a montare l’escalation di illazioni e accuse di “collusione” con i trafficanti di uomini rivolte ormai da mesi contro le Ong impegnate nelle operazioni di soccorso alle barche dei migranti nel Canale di Sicilia.Il primo passo è stato un rapporto dell’agenzia Frontex, presentato sul finire del 2016, secondo il quale gli interventi in mare favorirebbero, sia pure involontariamente, gli scafisti. Poi, rafforzate da una inchiesta della Procura di Catania, si sono via via aggiunte numerose “voci” della politica: dei partiti di destra (a cominciare dalla Lega) e poi dei 5 Stelle ma, a quanto ha scritto il 20 aprile La Stampa, anche di esponenti vicini al Governo o del Governo stesso, tanto da arrivare a una indagine conoscitiva affidata alla Commissione parlamentare Difesa che, guidata dal senatore Nicola La Torre, sta convocando tutte le Ong più impegnate nel Mediterraneo. Interrogati da questa stessa Commissione, sia il generale Stefano Screpanti, capo del terzo Reparto Operazioni della Finanza, che l’ammiraglio Enrico Credendino, comandante della missione europea Eunavformed, hanno dichiarato che, a loro sapere, non risultano collegamenti di alcun tipo fra le Ong e le organizzazioni che gestiscono il traffico di migranti. Ma neanche questo è bastato: le Ong restano sotto tiro. Le loro navi – si afferma – sarebbero come minimo un fattore di attrazione per gli scafisti, tanto da porre la necessità di “fare chiarezza” su tutti i programmi di salvataggio in mare.

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29. April 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für ‚Europe’s dirty secret‘: officials on Chios scramble to cope with rising tensions · Kategorien: EU, Griechenland · Tags:

The Guardian | 28.04.2017

Frustration mounts among locals on the Greek island, where refugees feel like prisoners with no hope of getting to mainland Europe

Helena Smith

On a clear day the channel dividing Chios from the Turkish coast does not look like a channel at all. The nooks and crevices of Turkey’s western shores, its wind turbines and summer homes could, to the naked eye, be a promontory of the Greek island itself. For the men, women and children who almost daily make the crossing in dinghies and other smuggler craft, it is a God-given proximity, the gateway to Europe that continues to lure.

Samuel Aneke crossed the sea almost a year ago on 1 June. Like those before him, and doubtless those who will follow, he saw the five-mile stretch as the last hurdle to freedom. “You could say geography brought me here,” said the Nigerian, a broad smile momentarily dousing his otherwise dour demeanour. “But it was not supposed to keep me prisoner.”

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29. April 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Libyen verhindert US/EU-Bombardierung kommerzieller Fluchthilfe-Milizen · Kategorien: EU, Italien, Libyen · Tags: , ,

Libya Herald | 29.04.2017

Libya refused international requests to strike migrant smuggling militias: GNA Foreign Minister Siala

By Sami Zaptia

Presidency Council / Government of National Accord (PC/GNA) foreign minister Mohamed Siala has admitted that Libya had received ‘‘international requests’’ to carry out ‘‘military strikes within Libya against militias’’ engaged in smuggling illegal migrants. But Libya had refused, he stated. Siala was speaking in London today during the recording of the BBC Media Action’s Hiwar Mushtarak (Joint Debate) programme for the BBC Arabic service. The episode, which follows a Question Time format of panelists answering a live-recorded studio audience, was debating the issue of Libya’s illegal migration.

The foreign minister, who was one of the panelists, conceded that Libyan militias were behind the illegal migration trade and that the international community knew exactly who they were and where they were based. They also knew their Thuraya satellite phones and listened to their calls. However, he said that Libya had ‘‘refused’’ to grant international requests to strike at them within Libya in order to ‘‘save any further Libyan bloodshed’’. Answering a number of searching questions from a majority-Libyan audience, Siala insisted that Libya ‘‘would not be Europe’s policeman”. Europe had “to accept its responsibilities. Libya must not defend Europe’s borders’’. He also suggested that Europe, rather than Libya, should pay for the proposed sophisticated electronic southern border security system. Weiterlesen »

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Refugees Deeply | 26.04.2017

For almost a year, the Polish Border Guard has been turning away most Chechens and other asylum seekers arriving on the border with Belarus. The E.U. has kept largely silent – and has its own interest in keeping the bloc’s eastern border shut.

Claudia Ciobanu

WARSAW, POLAND – On Europe’s eastern frontier, the Polish border guard has been turning away an increasing number of asylum seekers, many from the repressive Russian republic of Chechnya, with little protest from European leaders.

For years, the Terespol border has been a main entry point for Chechens, Tajiks and others from the post-Soviet region to cross from Belarus into Poland and reach E.U. territory.

Chechens make up the largest number of asylum seekers at the border, and their numbers increased significantly last year, reportedly because of heightened repression ahead of last September’s Chechen election.

Yet no matter how many try to cross the border, the Polish border guards allow an average of two refugee families to enter Poland at Terespol per day, human rights groups estimate.

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28. April 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „A Nigerian’s nightmare failed bid to migrate to Europe“ · Kategorien: Afrika, EU, Libyen, Mittelmeer · Tags:

BBC | 28.04.2017

This year alone over 40,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean, many of them are Nigerians. The BBC’s Martin Patience has been to Nigeria’s Benin City where many of the migrants start their journey.

It was the most difficult decision Kelvin Imasuen ever made – he would risk everything in a bid to reach Europe.

„I just had the belief I would get there,“ he told me, sitting outside his mother’s dilapidated home on the outskirts of Benin City.

But he was to learn the cost of the dangerous journey in the most devastating way.

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28. April 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „Abschiebungen nach Mali: Die Heimat ist fremd geworden“ · Kategorien: Afrika, EU, Mali · Tags:

taz | 28.04.2017

Migranten, die aus Europa zurückgeschickt werden, finden in Mali meist keinen Anschluss mehr. Eine NGO in Bamako versucht zu helfen.

Katrin Gänsler

BAMAKO taz | Häufig kommt nicht einmal jemand von der Familie zum Flughafen. Wenn ein aus Europa abgeschobener Migrant aus Mali zurück in der Heimat landet, schließt niemand den Rückkehrer fest in die Arme, organisiert ein Essen oder bietet für die Anfangszeit eine Unterkunft an.

Diese Erfahrung hat Amadou Coulibaly immer wieder gemacht. „Wir übernehmen das dann“, sagt der Mitarbeiter des Malischen Verein der Abgeschobenen (AME), der seinen Sitz in der Hauptstadt Bamako hat.

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28. April 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „EU-Streit um Flüchtlingsquoten: Wer viele aufnimmt, soll belohnt werden“ · Kategorien: EU, Malta · Tags:

Spiegel Online | 28.04.2017

Durchbruch im Streit um die Flüchtlingsverteilung in der EU? Dem SPIEGEL liegt ein Kompromisspapier der maltesischen Ratspräsidentschaft vor. Die Idee: Finanzielle Anreize für die Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen.

Von Peter Müller

In den Streit um einen dauerhaften Verteilungsmechanismus für Flüchtlinge in der Europäischen Union kommt Bewegung. In einem Kompromisspapier setzt die derzeitige maltesische Ratspräsidentschaft zahlreiche Anreize, um Ländern, die einer Umverteilung von Flüchtlingen bislang ablehnend gegenüberstehen, die Zustimmung zu erleichtern.

Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen soll es beispielsweise finanzielle Anreize für die Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen geben. Wer in Zeiten verstärkten Flüchtlingszuzugs die Quote an Migranten aufnimmt, zu der er verpflichtet ist, oder darüber hinausgeht, soll pro Flüchtling 60.000 Euro innerhalb von fünf Jahren erhalten; wer unter seiner Quote bleibt, den gleichen Betrag zahlen.

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27. April 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für EU ratlos: Kein Plan zu Boat People aus Libyen in 2017 (Reuters) · Kategorien: EU, Italien, Libyen · Tags: ,

Reuters | 27.04.2017

Libya lacks plan to prevent more migrants crossing to Europe – EU officials

By Robin Emmott and Tom Körkemeier | VALETTA

Libya’s U.N-backed government has no clear plan to help prevent more migrants reaching Europe’s shores this summer, European Union officials said on Thursday, citing confused requests for equipment to patrol its shores.

Libya’s newly trained coastguards lack a strategy on where to deploy or how to detect and intercept smugglers, officials told Reuters. They based their analysis on two documents prepared for EU defence ministers meeting in Malta, which lies on the route to Italy along which thousands of people drowned last year.

The confidential EU assessment contrasts with the upbeat message the bloc has promoted after training 93 Libyan coastguards since late last year to tackle smugglers as the bloc scales back its plans to go into Libya’s territorial waters.

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