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‚We are prisoners here‘, say migrants at Israel’s desert detention camp

Human rights activists say Israel should be ashamed of its treatment of asylum seekers at Holot, a holding facility for ‚infiltrators‘ deep in the Negev desert

Holot – a wilderness of prefabricated huts and fenced-in compounds close to the Egyptian frontier – has become the focal point of Israel’s treatment of roughly 50,000 African refugees, whom the government considers to be illegal economic migrants.

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The Migrants Files

A database on migrants who died on their way to Europe since 2000

About the project

The Migrants‘ Files project was launched in August 2013 by a group of European journalists who joined forces to accurately calculate and report the deaths of emigrants seeking refuge in Europe. This pan-European consortium of journalists is partially funded by the European non-profit organization Journalismfund.eu.

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Israel secretly transfers African asylum seekers to Uganda

Dozens agree to leave for Uganda, some already departed.Middle East OnlineImprisoned for posing a ‚threat to the state’s Jewish character’JERUSALEM – Israel is secretly transferring African asylum seekers to Uganda, Haaretz newspaper reported on Wednesday, quoting a senior Israeli government official.The paper said that, over the past month, dozens of people agreed to leave for Uganda and some had already departed.The Israeli immigration service spokeswoman could not be reached for comment. […]

via Middle East Online

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Morocco receives Israeli unmanned aerial systems from France

Morocco UAV

Royal Moroccan Air Force RMAF has acquired three Harfang unmanned aerial systems from France. The systems were retired by French Air Force and the delivery was made recently after several years of service in Afghanistan.

Heron-1Harfang which deployed with the ‘Armee de’Lair’ in 2008 was delivered by EADS Now Airbus Defense & Space, under the Eagle l cooperative development with Israel Aerospace Industries [IAI].

The drone was based on the Israeli IAI/Malat Heron-I system.Morocco and France have long established military cooperation, although in recent years Rabat has aligned closer to the US, procuring a range of new military systems, including F-16C/D Block 52 jet fighters along with the latest air to air and air to ground weaponry, M-1A1 Main Battle Tanks and the Predator drones.

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„Why are we building new walls to divide us? Mark Rice-Oxley and Guardian correspondents in a quarter of a century after the Iron Curtain came down, the walls are going up again. In steel and concrete, with watchtowers and barbed wire, mankind is building separation barriers at a rate perhaps unequalled in history – at least 6,000 miles in the last decade alone, according to a Guardian analysis.

Now, in a unique project, Guardian journalists have visited 10 of the most controversial, striking, contested and extraordinary walls, from the US-Mexican border to the West Bank, and from Europe’s eastern and southern frontiers to the divided cities of Homs and Belfast. We have tried to establish why these new divisions are going up now, in an age when globalisation was supposed to tear the barriers down – particularly when, as history shows, walls rarely did what they set out to do. […]“

via Why are we building new walls to divide us?

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Infiltrators in the world government of migrations: the refugees’ strike in Israel

Strike Israel

The mobilization of migrants in Israel is growing. After three days of general strike launched by the movement, a demonstration is now in front of Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, to ask the Prime Ministry Netanyau and the Interior Ministry Gideon Saar for concrete answers.
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Größter Flüchtlingsprotest in Israels Geschichte

Zehntausende afrikanische Asylsuchende demonstrieren in Tel Aviv

[…] Tel Aviv. Auch am Montag setzten zehntausende afrikanische Flüchtlinge ihre Proteste in Tel Aviv vor ausländischen Botschaften fort. Es ist der zweite Tag einer dreitägigen Kampagne für mehr Rechte von Asylsuchenden. Auch vor der deutschen Botschaft in Tel Aviv versammelten sich am Vormittag Hunderte von Flüchtlingen, viele von ihnen aus Eritrea und dem Sudan. Sie riefen immer wieder laut »Freiheit« und »Kein Gefängnis mehr«.
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Israel mauert sich ein

Der jüdische Staat hat inzwischen vier Sperranlagen errichtet, um palästinensische Kämpfer und afrikanische Einwanderer abzuhalten – Gated Nations Teil 2
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To the People of Israel,

In the last few weeks, a range of unprecedented policy changes towards African asylum seekers and refugees have caused us to take drastic measures by striking from our work to display our discontent, frustration and fear.

About 50,000 African asylum seekers and refugees live in Israel. We have fled persecution, forced military conscription, dictatorship, civil wars and genocide. Instead of being treated as refugees by the government of Israel, we have been treated as criminals.
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