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IRIN, 11 March 2013
Imprisoned Eritreans complain of being forced to leave Israel

TEL AVIV, 11 March 2013 (IRIN) – Testimonies of jailed Eritrean migrants
and asylum seekers (collected by a local NGO) say officials at Saharonim
prison in Israel’s Southern Negev desert are coercing them to sign
“voluntary repatriation” forms.
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Hello All
In the recent week we have found out that our government is deporting North Sudanese and Eritrean refugees from prison.
Approximately 1000 Sudanese were deported secretly to Sudan
Even though Israel is signed the UN refugees code.
Its a crime against humanity and the people who were sent back are facing death sentence because they fled to Israel.
The UN has just found out about that new policy and so does the human NGO’s that work with refugees and asylum seekers.
Apparently the attendees were given a document that said that they need to choose between lifetime prison or an unknown prison sentence to „willingly“ returning to Sudan and Eritrea.
Yesterday (Thursday Feb. 28th) a demonstration took place in Tel Aviv with Sudanese and Israelis that were protesting against this un-human act.
Unfortunately the minister of internal affairs is an extremist fundamental racist man, from the ultra religious party SHAS.
We still dont know who will be the next minister as we had elections last month and the coalition is yet to be set up.
I am attaching a few links in English for further information and will send more details as soon as I have:
and this one is a blog about related stories of refugees and asylum seekers (English)
will keep on updating you

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Erecting a ghost town in the desert

Haaretz, Gili Cohen, 11 December 2012


Israel has invested more than NIS 200 million in establishing a detention center for African migrants. Too bad so few of them are coming. Somewhere in the western Negev, between two military bases, the Israeli bureaucracy has vanished. It’s rare to find a construction project in this country where only 10 days separate the decision and the start of work.

Still, despite the investment of millions of shekels, the place remains desolate – just a rusted perimeter fence, a second fence with dangling barbed wire, guard towers, and row after row of green tents. Welcome to the detention facility called the tent city for African migrants, built by the Defense Ministry.

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A few hundred of African detainees protested against the ‘infiltrators
law’ last week, sending back meals for a couple days to protest the law
that allows for them to be jailed for up to three years without trial for
illegally entering Israel, the Israel Prisons Service (IPS) said Monday.

Plusieurs centaines de retenus Africains du camp de Saharonim (south
Neguev) ont renvoyé leurs repas pendant plusieurs jours pour protester
contre la nouvelle loi sur les infiltrations qui permet d’emprisonner
pendant trois ans sans procès préalable toute personne entrée
„illégalement“ depuis la frontière sud du pays.

Ben Hartman for the Jerusalem Post, 15 of October 2012
Migrants in prison protest ‘infiltrators law‘


African migrants send back meals at Saharonim Prison, protesting law
allowing them to be jailed for up to 3 years.

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This morning (9th October), a large group of Sub Saharans, probably the 55 people arrested last week in the Sinaï (see article below) arrived on board of 3 microbuses and 1 police vehicule in el Qanater prison for men (north of Cairo).
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Gulf News, 9 september 2012
Egyptian border guards kill African migrant


25-year-old Eritrean refused to surrender when police fired warning shots.
Rafah, Egypt: An Egyptian security official says border guards have shot
dead an African migrant near the border with Israel.
The official said the 25-year-old Eritrean refused to surrender when
police fired warning shots in the air and continued running toward the
Israeli border near Rafah in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Saturday. In a
separate incident, the official says authorities arrested 26 migrants from
Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia before they reached the border. He spoke on
condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to brief the media.
Hundreds of Africans seeking political asylum and jobs try to illegally
enter Israel every year, in long perilous desert trips, often with the
help of Bedouin traffickers. Egyptian guards trying to stem the flow have
killed dozens of migrants in recent years.
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Dokumentarfim von Keren Shayo: „Journey story“


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Tuesday, August 14 2012|+972blog

While Eritrean asylum seekers cannot be deported due to the risk they would face upon return, the new Prevention of Infiltration Law enables Israel to keep them in prison indefinitely. New arrivals, most having faced rape and torture en route to Israel, are presently being held in a prison in the desert, and nobody knows how long they’ll be kept there. A visit to Ketsiot prison.

By Yonatan Berman

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Die ägyptische Polizei hat auf 3 afrikanische Flüchtlinge geschossen und sie verletzt. Sie hatten versucht, die Grenze nach Israel zu überqueren.







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