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Harekact 13.12.17

by Dilan Taşdemir, Association of Bridging People

Refugees are working in the cabbage field. Photo: Metehan Ud

İzmir, a city where 120,000 registered refugees live, has a lot of meaning for refugees. For some, it is a stop on their way to Europe when passing over by boats, for others, it is a city they come to in order to find seasonal work on the fields.

Seasonal agricultural labor in Turkey is not an issue that started with Syrian refugees. For years, Kurdish workers, mostly coming from the east and southeast of Turkey, have been working in agricultural areas in the Aegean, Çukurova, at the Black Sea and in Central Anatolia. There have been dozens of academic studies, news and documentaries on this issue, and it is still being studied today. In every respect, seasonal agricultural labor is a great burden to workers and must be considered as injustice.

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AP | 14.12.2017

ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey’s coast guard launched a dramatic rescue operation Thursday to evacuate migrants stranded on rocks in the Aegean Sea.

The coast guard said in a statement that 51 migrants attempted to illegally cross to Greece on a rubber dinghy from the western province of Izmir. Authorities intervened after receiving an emergency call at 01:12 local time (1012 GMT).

Video showed a helicopter lifting a person off the rocks using a rope. The statement said five children and a woman were rescued in this way while the rest were transferred to coast guard boats with the assistance of fishermen in the area.

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The New Yorker | 08.12.2017

By Jake Halpern

Two years ago, the Greek island of Lesvos was often in the news, as thousands of refugees arrived on its shores—nearly daily—in small rubber boats. They came from Turkey, just a few miles away. Some made it, while others drowned. At the time, Lesvos was essentially a pit stop. Virtually all of these migrants continued on to the Greek mainland, and then headed north—following an overland route that took them to Germany or points beyond. Since then, European nations have pressured Greece to block the sea route via Lesvos, and other islands, in order to stanch the flow of refugees. The number of refugees streaming into Lesvos has diminished, but in the last few months it has started to rise again. In August, a thousand and fifty-three refugees arrived on the shores of Lesvos, according to Oxfam. In October, there were twenty-two hundred and sixty. The island is now a bottleneck in Europe’s unresolved migrant crisis in which human misery is being contained and forgotten.

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Refugees Deeply | 11.12.2017

E.U. officials said that all $3.5 billion (3 billion euros) in support of Syrian refugees in Turkey will be contracted by the year’s end. The funds are part of a controversial deal with the E.U. that stemmed refugee flows into Greece in March 2016.

“We are working hard to complete the contracting of the first 3 billion euros by the end of this year. And definitely we will fulfill our commitments in order to see all projects concluded as soon as possible,” Christos Stylianides, the E.U. commissioner for humanitarian aid, told Turkish journalists in Brussels.

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Süddeutsche Zeitung | 29.11.2017

  • Neben den Routen nach Italien und Griechenland nutzen Schlepper immer öfter die westliche Mittelmeerroute von Marokko nach Spanien.
  • Spanien erlebt deshalb einen bisher ungekannten Zuwachs an Flüchtlingsankünften über das Mittelmeer.
  • Die Hauptlast trägt aber nach wie vor Italien. Und auch in Griechenland herrschen trotz des Flüchtlingsdeals der EU mit der Türkei Chaos und Überforderung.

Von Leila Al-Serori und Deniz Aykanat

Murcia ist in Spanien für viele Sonnenstunden und die Tomaten bekannt, die von hier nach ganz Europa geliefert werden. Dass die Region am Mittelmeer derzeit in der spanischen Presse Thema ist, hat aber mit etwas anderem zu tun: den vielen Flüchtlingen, die mit kleinen Booten an Land kommen.

Mitte November sind es in einer Nacht alleine 500 Menschen, die Küstenwache bringt sie ans Ufer. In rote Decken gehüllt warten sie stundenlang im Hafen der kleinen Stadt Cartagena. Schließlich fahren die Behörden sie in ein noch nicht eröffnetes Gefängnis – es sei kein Platz in den Flüchtlingsunterkünften vorhanden. Menschenrechtsorganisationen protestieren gegen den illegalen Freiheitsentzug.

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Washington Post | 28.11.2017

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania’s coastguard says it has rescued 60 migrants aboard a Turkish ship on the Black Sea that sent out a distress signal.

A statement said the ship was detected some 35 kilometers (22 miles) from the Black Sea cost early Tuesday after asking Romanian authorities and a commercial ship in the area for help.

The coastguard dispatched two ships to the area and escorted the vessel toward the Black Sea port of Constanta.

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Daily Sabah | 15.11.2017

Ozan Ceyhun

In Germany, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU), the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Green Party have been negotiating for weeks to form a four-party coalition government, referred to as the Jamaica coalition. They have not yet reached an agreement on many topics. But the greatest challenge among others appears to be the refugee policy. The CSU, which is uneasy in the face of the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) ability to form the third largest parliamentary group through their anti-refugee campaigns and worried over the 2018 Bavarian state elections, agreed to cap the number of refugees arriving in Germany at 200,000 annually and stands strictly against the family reunification of refugees who have temporary residence permits in Germany. For the Greens, this is a subject in which they cannot make concessions for the sake of “political ethics.” On Tuesday night this week, they discussed the issue until the morning, but still could not come up with a solution, so the negotiations are still ongoing. They aim to obtain results by the end of this week. We are closely following developments with interest.

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AP | 03.11.2017

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Authorities in Greece and Turkey say at least three people have died and several more are believed to be missing after a boat carrying migrants from Turkey sank off the Greek island of Kalymnos.

The Greek coast guard said 15 people were rescued and one body was recovered after the wooden boat sank in mild weather conditions before dawn Friday. Two other bodies believed to be from the same vessel were found by the Turkish coast guard.

A search for the missing migrants continued in Greek waters.

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Reuters | 03.11.2017

Three people drowned, at least six were missing and scores of others were rescued in three separate incidents of migrants trying to reach Greece across the Aegean Sea early Friday.

Greek authorities recovered the body of a woman and searched for more people missing after a wooden boat carrying migrants sank off Kalymnos island, close to the Turkish coast.

Fifteen people, 10 men, four women and a child, were rescued, and Greek coastguard vessels were searching for another six to eight people missing, a Greek coastguard official said.

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taz | 26.10.2017

In Kiel wurde ein Mann festgenommen, der eine Flucht nach Lesbos organisiert haben soll, bei der 54 Menschen starben. Er bestreitet die Tat.

Eiken Bruhn

Ein 27-jähriger Iraker, der in Kiel wegen des Verdachts auf Einschleusen mit Todesfolge in Untersuchungshaft sitzt, bestreitet die Tat. Dies sagte am Donnerstag der Sprecher der Staatsanwaltschaft Kiel, Axel Bieler.

Nach einem Bericht der Kieler Nachrichten war der Mann am Mittwochmorgen im Ortsteil Strande von der Bundespolizei festgenommen worden, wo er mit Frau und Kind lebte. „Es gab Hinweise von Geflüchteten, die ihn wiedererkannt haben“, sagte Oberstaatsanwalt Bieler der taz.

Ihm zufolge wird dem 27-Jährigen vorgeworfen, an einer Schleusung am 28. Oktober 2015 vom türkischen Küstenort Canakkale zur griechischen Insel Lesbos beteiligt gewesen zu sein, bei der 54 Menschen starben. Gemeinsam mit zwei Mittätern soll er die Flucht vermittelt und organisiert haben. Die Menschen sollen für ihre Flucht 2.200 bis 10.000 US-Dollar an die Schlepper gezahlt haben.

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