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Washington Post | 28.11.2017

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania’s coastguard says it has rescued 60 migrants aboard a Turkish ship on the Black Sea that sent out a distress signal.

A statement said the ship was detected some 35 kilometers (22 miles) from the Black Sea cost early Tuesday after asking Romanian authorities and a commercial ship in the area for help.

The coastguard dispatched two ships to the area and escorted the vessel toward the Black Sea port of Constanta.

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Daily Sabah | 15.11.2017

Ozan Ceyhun

In Germany, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU), the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Green Party have been negotiating for weeks to form a four-party coalition government, referred to as the Jamaica coalition. They have not yet reached an agreement on many topics. But the greatest challenge among others appears to be the refugee policy. The CSU, which is uneasy in the face of the Alternative for Germany’s (AfD) ability to form the third largest parliamentary group through their anti-refugee campaigns and worried over the 2018 Bavarian state elections, agreed to cap the number of refugees arriving in Germany at 200,000 annually and stands strictly against the family reunification of refugees who have temporary residence permits in Germany. For the Greens, this is a subject in which they cannot make concessions for the sake of „political ethics.“ On Tuesday night this week, they discussed the issue until the morning, but still could not come up with a solution, so the negotiations are still ongoing. They aim to obtain results by the end of this week. We are closely following developments with interest.

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AP | 03.11.2017

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Authorities in Greece and Turkey say at least three people have died and several more are believed to be missing after a boat carrying migrants from Turkey sank off the Greek island of Kalymnos.

The Greek coast guard said 15 people were rescued and one body was recovered after the wooden boat sank in mild weather conditions before dawn Friday. Two other bodies believed to be from the same vessel were found by the Turkish coast guard.

A search for the missing migrants continued in Greek waters.

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Reuters | 03.11.2017

Three people drowned, at least six were missing and scores of others were rescued in three separate incidents of migrants trying to reach Greece across the Aegean Sea early Friday.

Greek authorities recovered the body of a woman and searched for more people missing after a wooden boat carrying migrants sank off Kalymnos island, close to the Turkish coast.

Fifteen people, 10 men, four women and a child, were rescued, and Greek coastguard vessels were searching for another six to eight people missing, a Greek coastguard official said.

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taz | 26.10.2017

In Kiel wurde ein Mann festgenommen, der eine Flucht nach Lesbos organisiert haben soll, bei der 54 Menschen starben. Er bestreitet die Tat.

Eiken Bruhn

Ein 27-jähriger Iraker, der in Kiel wegen des Verdachts auf Einschleusen mit Todesfolge in Untersuchungshaft sitzt, bestreitet die Tat. Dies sagte am Donnerstag der Sprecher der Staatsanwaltschaft Kiel, Axel Bieler.

Nach einem Bericht der Kieler Nachrichten war der Mann am Mittwochmorgen im Ortsteil Strande von der Bundespolizei festgenommen worden, wo er mit Frau und Kind lebte. „Es gab Hinweise von Geflüchteten, die ihn wiedererkannt haben“, sagte Oberstaatsanwalt Bieler der taz.

Ihm zufolge wird dem 27-Jährigen vorgeworfen, an einer Schleusung am 28. Oktober 2015 vom türkischen Küstenort Canakkale zur griechischen Insel Lesbos beteiligt gewesen zu sein, bei der 54 Menschen starben. Gemeinsam mit zwei Mittätern soll er die Flucht vermittelt und organisiert haben. Die Menschen sollen für ihre Flucht 2.200 bis 10.000 US-Dollar an die Schlepper gezahlt haben.

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bordermonitoring.eu | 21.10.2017

Yesterday, on the 20th of October 2017 the Defence Minister of Bulgaria Krassimir Karakachanov stated that ladders had been used to climb the fence at the Bulgarian-Turkish border. On the same day the minister said to BGNews that the fence is 100% finished and has to be “upgraded with relevant sensors [and] cameras“. Days before, photos were circulating in the Bulgarian media showing a large hole underneath the fence, which were leading to a bigger discussion in the Bulgarian parliament and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has called for the resignation of the Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov. In 2016, the Bulgarian parliament voted for using the army at the Bulgarian borders to guard it, but since then it was used only temporarily.

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EurActiv | 19.10.2017

With Turkey being one of the items on the agenda of the EU summit starting on Thursday (19 October), AFP is reporting that migrants are still coming to Greek islands despite the EU-Turkey deal to stem the arrival of refugees from Turkish territory.

Dozens of tents stud a hillside surrounded by olive trees, while children in flimsy sandals – the lucky ones wearing socks – play on mounds of stinking garbage as the sun rises on the Greek island of Samos.

Almost two years since more than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe, thousands are still living in squalor after risking their lives crossing the Aegean Sea.

“We arrived last night, 42 of us on a small boat,” said Naween Rahimi, an Afghan from Kabul, who is travelling with his wife.

“Some Chinese sold me a tent for 10 euros,” he said, adding that he had worked as an interpreter for the American military.

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FAZ | 17.10.2017

Kein Land hat mehr Syrer aufgenommen als die Türkei. Weil sie dort keine Sozialhilfe erhalten, haben Migranten in einer Stadt im Südosten der Türkei 1000 neue Betriebe gegründet.

Von Christian Geinitz

Die Großstadt Gaziantep im Südosten der Türkei, eine der ältesten Siedlungen Kleinasiens, rühmt sich vielerlei Rekorde. Das örtliche Museum beherbergt die größte Mosaiksammlung der Welt, die Küche der Region ist preisgekrönt: Seit 2015 steht Gaziantep auf derselben Unesco-Liste internationaler Feinschmecker-Paradiese wie Parma. Wer auf die Kostüme in den Kinofilmen „Harry Potter“, „Herr der Ringe“ oder „Troja“ geachtet hat, kennt die Yemeni-Schuhe aus Gaziantep. Diese handgefertigten Leder-Slipper leiten angeblich überschießende Körperelektrizität in den Erdboden ab.

Seit einiger Zeit erregt der Landstrich aber aus ganz anderen Gründen internationale Aufmerksamkeit. Die Provinz Gaziantep mit der gleichnamigen Hauptstadt grenzt an das kriegsgeplagte Syrien, in der Nachbarprovinz Kilis haben sich die türkischen Truppen für die Militärintervention in Nordsyrien gesammelt. Das Blutvergießen im Nachbarland hat dazu geführt, dass drei Millionen Menschen in die Türkei geflüchtet sind, jeder sechste von ihnen hat sich in Gaziantep niedergelassen.

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IRIN News | 16.10.2017

Advertised as a „tourist yacht“ to Europe, spacious and loaded with food and water, it was in fact a stripped-down, rusty blue fishing boat lacking any supplies for two stormy days at sea. Almost 160 men, women, and children were crammed on board, sick and fearful as the boat rocked violently from side to side, its leaky hold taking on water.

Jodi Hilton, Diego Cupolo

For Iraqi asylum-seeker Ahmed* and his family, transported to the vessel in the middle of the night and initially kept in the dark about their true destination – Romania – the experience was terrifying. “When I saw [the boat], I said, ‘Oh my god!’” recalled the former army sniper from Kirkuk, explaining that he refused to board until a smuggler with a handgun threatened to kill his family.

Over the last few months, reports of migrant boats being intercepted in the Black Sea have proliferated, along with tales of the tragedies that occur when the vessels capsize in its rough waters. This route from Turkey to Romania is not entirely new – it was used in Soviet times to ply illicit goods – but it appears smugglers are now attempting to revive it.

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AEDH | 09.2017

  • Migration : After France, Belgium collaborates with the dictatorial regime of Sudan
  • Migration and asylum: the European consistency
  • End of relocations: for what balance ?
  • Relocation: legal defeat for Hungary and Slovakia
  • Turkey, a safe third country! …
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