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Ahmed Henni


A propos du putsch égyptien : le naufrage des gauches du monde arabe se confirme

Ahmed Henni* estime, dans cet article**, que l’armée égyptienne a patiemment préparé l’opinion, un an durant, au renversement d’un président légitime, Mohamed Morsi, et a même fourni la logistique des manifestations du 30 juin 2013. L’attitude des élites de gauche en Egypte, écrit-il, a été la même que celle des élites de gauche algériennes qui ont légitimé le coup d’Etat de janvier 1992. Le refus des résultats du suffrage universel, écrit-il, « montre qu’une grande partie des gauches du monde arabe ne considère pas l’ensemble de la population comme des citoyens mais, pour une bonne part d’entre eux, comme des ‘’égarés’’ trompés par les islamistes ».

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Analysis: Egyptian Coup affecting Libya?

By Umar Khan


As pro-Morsi demonstrations enter their fourth week in Egypt with often deadly consequences, the impact of events there on Libyan politics becomes ever clearer with different groups taking sides and divisions emerging. The ousting of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has made Islamists elsewhere hesitant about the democratic process and unsettled the already fragile ‘political Islam’. Those who were once cautiously willing to adopt democracy now question its value.
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Musmari killing sparks protests against Muslim Brotherhood

By Maha Ellawati.

Benghazi women comfort each other during protests against the killing of Musmari (Photo: Fdaelullah Bujwary)

The killing of popular Libyan political activist, Abdulsalam Musmari, in Benghazi has sparked country-wide protests against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hundreds of men and women in Benghazi took to the streets last night in fury at the assassination of Musmari, one in a string of recent killings. Two military officials were also assassinated last night in Benghazi, one shot in the back while he was praying.

Convinced that members of the Muslim Brotherhood are behind the attacks, protestors said they wanted the organisation to leave both Benghazi and Libya. Protestors stormed two of the Muslim Brotherhood’s main premises in the city, one of which was the local headquarters of the Justice and Construction Party (JCP) – the political arm of the Brotherhood. There have been reports that both were set alight.

Many of the protestors were in tears, mourning the loss of a political figure who, they say, consistently made a stand against militias and Islamists. He also frequently appeared on television to encourage the residents of Benghazi to stage protests in response to bombings and assassinations in the area.

“The death of Musmari was a big loss for Benghazi and the whole of Libya,” one resident told the Libya Herald, “he was a good, good man.”

“When somebody speaks the truth, it will cost him his life,” one banner read, in reference to Musmari’s open criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood. Another handwritten sign said “We want police, not gunmen.”

Other towns and cities across the country have reportedly demonstrated in solidarity with Benghazi in the early hours of this morning. Protestors filled Tripoli’s Martyrs’ Square and the long-standing Political Isolation Law tent in one corner of the square, manned largely by Muslim Brotherhood supporters and activists, has been taken down.

There have also been reports of protests in Zintan, Tobruk and Zawiya.

via Musmari killing sparks protests against Muslim Brotherhood | Libya Herald.

27. Juli 2013 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Libyen, Bengasi: Nach Mord an Abdessalem al-Mesmary, einem antiislamistischem Anwalt, Unruhen und Gefängnisausbruch · Kategorien: Libyen

La Stampa – Libia nel caos, mille detenuti fuggono dal carcere di Bengasi

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„Die Bundesregierung und das Land Hamburg schieben sich auf dem Rücken der Flüchtlinge gegenseitig die Verantwortung zu“, kommentiert die innenpolitische Sprecherin der Fraktion DIE LINKE, Ulla Jelpke, die Antwort der Bundesregierung auf eine Kleine Anfrage (BT-Drucksache 17/14281) zur Situation von Flüchtlingen in Hamburg. Jelpke weiter:
„Seit Wochen leben rund 300 Flüchtlinge, die im Jahr 2011 aus Libyen nach Italien geflohen sind, unter elenden Bedingungen in Hamburg. Zum Teil müssen sie auf offener Straße übernachten. Das Land Hamburg fühlt sich für sie genauso wenig zuständig wie die Bundesregierung, die ihre schnellstmögliche Abschiebung nach Italien empfiehlt.
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After long negitiations between a Delegation of the refugees and the local maior, priest and police (and church people from rome in the background) a compromise was agreed: all protesters can leave Lampedusa without fingerprints, but only in groups of 50 or 60 people day after day.
And they just went back to the camp after 2 Day protest with no or little food, but with a lot of new contacts and the experience of the strength of a common struggle.
Supporters in Lampedusa have to check, if the promise will be kept during next days. And others in italy if the people will not be brought to closed camps in sicily to be fingerprinted by force there.

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Malta’s ‘push back’ stand-off: what can Australia learn?

Malta has become the latest country to try to “push back” asylum seekers, implementing a policy similar to that being advocated by the Coalition as its “Real Solution” to the phenomenon of boats arriving on Australian shores.

In policies reminiscent of Australia, the Maltese government is scrambling to appear tough on migration and depict the arrival of asylum seekers as a crisis that warrants a security response.

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Immigrati: soccorso gommone con 34 persone a bordo tra cui nove minori

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