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Naval delegation travels to Algeria

By Ashraf Abdul-Wahab.

Libyan naval officers tour Algerian facilities

A delegation of naval officers, headed by the Chief of Staff for the Navy, Commodore Hassan Boushnak, has been to Algeria to discuss new areas of cooperation with the Algerian navy. Weiterlesen »

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Libyan Navy intercepts oil tanker illegally entering national waters

By Ahmed Elumami

The Libyan Navy intercepted a Maltese-flagged oil tanker trying to illegally enter Libyan waters near Sidra oil port in the early hours of this morning.

“The oil tanker was flying the Maltese flag and is called Baku,” Libyan Navy spokesman Ayoub Qassem, told the Libya Herald. “It tried to enter Libyan waters at 3 am this morning, but it was intercepted.”

After establishing that there was some suspicion regarding the tanker’s movements, Qassem said, a naval warship was sent to deal with the vessel.

Warning shots were fired to try and detain the tanker and bring it in to Misrata Port, he said, but it turned and headed out to sea using a zig-zagging technique. There were no casualties, he added.

Baku‘s crew made a pledge over the radio not commit such acts again, Qassem said, adding that this was recorded. The tanker was, this evening, nearing Malta, according to vessel tracking websites.

Qassem warned that if further tankers made similar attempts to illegally enter Libya, the Navy would use force.

On Saturday, the National Oil Corporation renewed its declaration of force majeure at three eastern export terminals, Sidra, Ras Lanuf, and Zueitina, warning against any illegal attempts to buy or sell crude without its authorisation.

via Libyan Navy intercepts oil tanker illegally entering national waters | Libya Herald

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Aggiornamento dalla Libia, il gruppo di 240 profughi eritrei che il 25 dicembre presi con la forza caricati su mezzi di trasporto per trasferirgli da Ajdabiya Cirenaica verso la Tripolitana, sono stati divisi in due i maschi in 185 ci sono anche dei minori staccati con la forza dalle loro madri, ragazzi di 15-16 anni, sono stati introdotti nel lager a Khoms dove hanno trovato altri 140 profughi, da due mesi chiusi in questo lager senza aver mai visto la luce del sole, subendo ogni giorno umiliazioni e maltrattamenti, baste che dici una parole per lamentarti sulle condizioni che ricevi in tutta risposta una scarica di bastonate, tu sei solo una merce, se voi uscire devi solo pagare 1000 dollari a testa.
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“Mare Nostrum”: un’altra barriera per respingere i profughi in Libia

di Emilio Drudi

Una intera squadra navale della Marina Militare. Rafforzata da aerei ed elicotteri da combattimento. La compongono la nave d’assalto “San Marco”, l’ammiraglia, sede del comando dell’intera missione, dotata anche di elicotteri a lungo raggio; due fregate lanciamissili con 250 uomini d’equipaggio e un elicottero; due corvette, due pattugliatori d’altura e una unità da trasporto per il supporto logistico.
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US, Libyan forces capture Tunisian militants’ leader

Tunisian state media said the head of the country’s Islamist militants was captured in Libya by US and Libyan forces yesterday, though his organisation denied he had been detained.
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New biometric passports out soon – Deputy PM Al-Gadi

By Sami Zaptia

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, Deputy PM Al-Gadi and a number of other Ministers visited the Passports and Immigration Authority at its Salah Al-Deen headquarters on Sunday, where they reviewed the progress of the new biometric passport.
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Libya and Algeria sign border security deals

By Ahmed Elumami

Deals on border security cooperation, the movement of people and goods across their common frontier and historical research were signed today by the Libyan and Algerian prime ministers.
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The New York Times, after a months-long investigation, says the attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, „turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault.“

Instead, the newspaper says, „The attack was led … by fighters who had benefited directly from NATO’s extensive air power and logistics support during the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi. And contrary to claims by some members of Congress, it was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam.“

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„Libya Releases 4 US Military Personnel

By LOLITA C. BALDOR Associated Press

Four U.S. military personnel investigating potential evacuation routes in Libya were taken into custody at a checkpoint and then detained briefly by the Libyan government before being released, U.S. officials said Friday night.
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Prison breakout in Ajdabiya

By Noora Ibrahim

There has been another mass breakout from the prison in Ajdabiya, according to the spokesman for the town’s Joint Security Room, Bashir Abdul Gader. He told the Libya Herald today that over 40 men had managed to escape yesterday but that four had been recaptured.
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