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Spiegel Online | 31.03.2018

Zwei französische Polizisten haben die italienische Grenze übertreten und einen Mann auf Drogen testen lassen. Der Zwischenfall löste eine Diskussion um Territorialfragen aus.

Ein Zwischenfall an der italienisch-französischen Grenze sorgt für diplomatische Verstimmungen zwischen den beiden EU-Ländern. Frankreichs Botschafter sei einbestellt worden, um zu erklären, warum französische Grenzpolizisten in eine Ambulanz für Migranten auf italienischem Gebiet eingedrungen seien, hieß es am Samstag aus dem Außenministerium in Rom.

Die Einrichtung im Grenzbahnhof Bardonecchia wird von der Hilfsorganisation „Rainbow for Africa“ betrieben. Sie unterstützt damit Migranten, die sich über die Alpen auf den Weg nach Frankreich machen.

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HRW | 14.03.2018

Waves of Arbitrary Expulsions

(Beirut) – Algerian authorities have arbitrarily deported in the beginning of March more than a hundred migrants of various African nationalities into a lawless zone of neighboring Mali, where armed groups have robbed some of them, Human Rights Watch said today.

The Algerian authorities failed to adequately screen the migrants to determine their status and give them the opportunity to challenge their deportation, including those who might have refugee claims, and to collect their savings and belongings. A nongovernmental organization based in Gao, Mali, said that it had provided services to more than 125 of the recently arrived Migrants on March 6 and 7.
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Morocco World News | 16.03.2918

In what some local media outlets have compared to the fury that led young Iranians to take the American embassy hostage in 1979, dozens of angry deported Malian migrants recently stormed the Algerian embassy in Bamako, attacking the building with stones and leaving the building in ruins.

The incident is said to be a follow up of the expulsion of 94 Malian migrants from Algerian territory last week. Armed with stones and some other metallic materials, the angry deported migrants took out their anger, fury, and frustration at the North African country’s diplomatic representation in their country, hoping that this desperate act would send signals as to what the general mood is regarding Algeria’s mistreatment of sub-Saharan migrants.
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ecre | 30.03.2018

Algeria has been deporting hundreds of African migrants at a time, in an ongoing crackdown on illegal migration. Algeria, along with other North African countries, refused to sign the protocol on the freedom of movement of people and right of residence attached to the African Union’s African Continental Free Trade Area agreement.

Algeria has repatriated 27,000 sub-Saharan African migrants since 2015, a rare official statistic revealed by the interior minister Nouredine Bedoui last Thursday. He added that repatriations are still ongoing. Algeria is a key destination and transit country for many African migrants, mostly from Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso or Chad. People who have been deported from Algeria earlier this month, stated they were detained in makeshift camps for a few days before being taken on trucks and sent across the border at gunpoint. They then had to walk through the desert for hours to reach In Khalil, the first town in Mali. Some migrants also reported being robbed by armed groups along the way.
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ecre | 30.03.2018

Op-ed by Alice Lucas, Programme Manager for Refugee Rights Europe

Despite promises from the French President Macron to get people “off the streets, out of the woods” by the end of 2017 and the continued eviction of makeshift settlements, new research by Refugee Rights Europe reveals that the situation remains critical for refugees and displaced people* sleeping rough on the streets of Paris.

While organisations on the ground are working tirelessly to provide basic humanitarian aid to refugees and displaced people , including food and clothing, it appears that the state response continues to leave vulnerable individuals in inhumane and substandard conditions, facing freezing temperatures, inadequate shelter and a striking lack of access to information on European asylum law and immigration rules.

An alarming 86% of our respondents were living in destitution on the streets of Paris – often in tents provided by local NGOs or sleeping under bridges on damp mattresses or the floor. We were shocked by the conditions in which many people were forced to live, with little access to appropriate sanitation facilities, and relying on food distribution points by local organisations and civil society.

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EJIL: Talk | 29.03.2018

In March 2011, the ICC Office of the Prosecutor of the international criminal court opened its investigation into the situation in Libya, following a referral by the UN Security Council. The investigation concerns crimes against humanity in Libya starting 15 February 2011, including the crimes against humanity of murder and persecution, allegedly committed by Libyan agents. As the ICC Prosecutor explained to the UN Security Council in her statement of 8 May 2017, the investigation also concerns “serious and widespread crimes against migrants attempting to transit through Libya.” Fatou Bensouda labels Libya as a “marketplace for the trafficking of human beings.” As she says, “thousands of vulnerable migrants, including women and children, are being held in detention centres across Libya in often inhumane condition.” The findings are corroborated by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNMSIL) and the Panel of Experts established pursuant to Resolution 1973 (2011). Both report on the atrocities to which migrants are subjected, not only by armed militias, smugglers and traffickers, but also by the new Libyan Coast Guard and the Department for Combatting Illegal Migration of the UN-backed Al Sarraj’s Government of National Accord – established with EU and Italian support.

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Werden die Einsätze der libyschen Küstenwache von der italienischen Marine gesteuert? Hinweise bietet der Beschluss des Ermittlungsrichters von Catania, der die Beschlagnahme der Open Arms bestätigt hat.

Il Manifesto | 29.03.2018

L’inchiesta sulla Open Arms

Carlo Lania

Ma chi coordina gli interventi della Guardia costiera libica? Tripoli non ha una propria area Sar (ricerca e salvataggio) né dispone di un proprio Mrcc, un centro di controllo per i salvataggi in mare dal quale dare indicazioni alle sue motovedette impegnate, anche in acque internazionali, nel fermare i barconi carichi di migranti. A leggere però il decreto con cui il Gip di Catania ha confermato due giorni fa il sequestro della nave della ong spagnola Open Arms (facendo però decadere l’accusa di associazione per delinquere), sembra che un ruolo importante nell’attività dei militari libici lo abbia la Marina militare italiana.

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Proactiva und Sea-Eye lassen sich von den italienischen Behörden nicht stoppen. Mit neuen Schiffen wollen sie die Rettung der Boat People im Mittelmeer fortsetzen.

La Repubblica | 29.03.2018

Dopo la convalida del sequestro della Open Arms, la Proactiva sta cercando un’altra imbarcazione. E i tedeschi della Sea-eye scendono in mare con un nuovo mezzo

di Alessandra Ziniti

„Non ci fermiamo e stiamo già cercando un’altra nave, così come non abbiamo mai pensato di riconsegnare le persone ai libici“.
Riccardo Gatti, direttore operativo della Ong spagnola ‚Proactiva Open Arms, conferma l’intenzione di non abbandonare i soccorsi in mare dopo la convalida del sequestro della nave ferma al porto di Pozzallo ormai da dieci giorni in attesa che sugli atti si pronunci ora il giudice di Ragusa al quale sono stati inviati gli atti dopo che il gip di Catania ha dichiarato l’incompetenza della Direzione distrettuale antimafia vista l’insussistenza del reato di associazione per delinquere ipotizzato dal procuratore Carmelo Zuccaro nei confronti del comandante e della capomissione della nave.  „La nostra colpa – ha ribadito Gatti – è stata di non aver consegnato alla Guardia costiera libica che ci minacciava donne e bambini che sarebbero stati riportati nell’inferno in Libia“.

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La Jungle de Calais | 03.2018

Par Michel Agier (anthropologue, EHESS et IRD), Yasmine Bouagga (sociologue au CNRS), Maël Galisson (militant associatif), Cyrille Hanappe (architecte), Mathilde Pette (sociologue à l’université de Perpignan) et Philippe Wannesson (blogueur et militant associatif).


D’avril 2015 à octobre 2016, jusqu’à dix mille migrants ont vécu dans des conditions extrêmement précaires au sein de la « Jungle » de Calais, suscitant autant de passions, de polémiques et de peurs que de solidarités. Michel Agier, spécialiste des migrants et des réfugiés dans le monde, a réuni une équipe composée de chercheurs et d’acteurs de terrain pour fournir les clés de compréhension de l’/événement Calais/ – un objet politique, médiatique et symbolique inédit. Car toutes les indignations dont la Jungle a été l’objet, toutes les violences physiques et morales contre ses habitants et toutes les solidarités qui l’ont aidée à tenir cristallisent les questions qui traversent aujourd’hui le monde aux prises avec la mobilité : comment se définit un « nous » local, national et européen face aux « autres » et à soi-même ? Comment peut-on – ou non – réinventer l’hospitalité à partir des camps ? Quel avenir s’imagine dans ces lieux de mise à l’écart et d’exception qui finissent par ressembler à des occupations et à de nouveaux espaces politiques ?

[The english translation will be published in September. E la traduzione in italiano nel mese di aprile.]

28. März 2018 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Ermittlungsrichter lässt Vorwurf der kriminellen Vereinigung fallen, Pro Activa Schiff bleibt beschlagnahmt · Kategorien: Italien · Tags: , , ,

Il Fatto Quotidiano | 27.03.2018

Migranti, giudice: “Nave Open Arms resta sequestrata ma non sussiste associazione a delinquere”

Il gip di Catania Nunzio Sarpietro ha accolto la richiesta della procura distrettuale di Catania e ritiene che sussista soltanto quello di immigrazione clandestina

Il reato ipotizzato per la ong ProActiva Open Arms era quello di associazione per delinquere finalizzata all’immigrazione clandestina. Perché secondo l’accusa c’era la volontà di portare via mare i migranti in Italia anche violando legge e accordi internazionali. Ma il gip di Catania Nunzio Sarpietro ha accolto la richiesta della procura distrettuale di Catania: ha confermato il sequestro della nave della ong spagnola, che era arrivata a Pozzallo lo scorso 17 marzo con 215 migranti a bordo, ma si è dichiarato incompetente ritenendo non sussistere il reato di associazione per delinquere ma soltanto quello di immigrazione clandestina a carico di Ana Isabel Montes, capo missione della ong e Marc Reig Creus, comandante dell’imbarcazione.

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