28. Juni 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „Migranti, 2mila persone salvate al largo della Libia. 10mila da sabato. Minniti rientra da Washington“ · Kategorien: Italien, Libyen · Tags: ,

Il Fatto Quotidiano | 27.06.2017

Dallo scorso sabato, oltre 10mila migranti sono stati salvati nel Mediterraneo centrale. Si infiamma intanto la protesta al Cara di Mineo, dove diverse centinaia di migranti ospiti hanno bloccato la strada statale Catania-Gela contro l’applicazione delle nuove norme all’interno della struttura

Continua il flusso di migranti provenienti dal Nord Africa e diretti verso le coste del sud Italia. Circa duemila persone sono state salvate oggi al largo della Libia in 15 operazioni di soccorso coordinate dalla Guardia Costiera, facendo salire così a oltre 10mila il numero dei migranti salvati nel Mediterraneo centrale dallo scorso sabato. Una emergenza che ha portato il ministro dell’Interno Marco Minniti a rientrare anticipatamente in Italia, interrompendo il viaggio istituzionale a Washington.

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Alarmphone | 27.06.2017

Over the past three days, more than 10,000 travellers were rescued from precarious boats in the Central Mediterranean Sea and two fatalities have been confirmed. On Monday alone, more than 5000 people, including many children, were rescued off the coast of Libya and many more lives would have been lost, had it not been for the Search and Rescue (SAR) NGOs, who worked at and beyond their limits. It is only due to their tireless efforts that we have not yet heard of major shipwrecks and mass fatalities.

Since Saturday, we as the Alarm Phone have dealt with emergency situations in the Central Mediterranean daily. Yesterday, on the 26th of June 2017, we were following one boat in distress whose passengers had lost orientation and their fate remains unknown. The Moonbird, an airborne reconnaissance mission launched by the NGO ‘Sea-Watch’ and the ‘Humanitarian Pilots Initiative’ (HPI), had informed our shift team around noon about a boat that carried about 160 people and had asked us to reach out to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Rome to demand a rescue operation. In several phone calls with the Italian authorities between then and 5pm, they suggested first that the boat had probably been rescued, despite evidence to the contrary. Only later did they state that they were very overwhelmed and had a lack of capacity so that they could not deal with the boat in question. We also contacted the SAR NGOs, but overburdened with several ongoing rescue operations, they were unable to follow up on the boat in question. We are not giving up our hope that the travellers survived and that they will not be amongst Europe’s growing toll of border deaths, which currently stands at over 2000 officially counted fatalities.

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La Repubblica | 27.06.2017

Altre 8500 sono a bordo delle navi da soccorso, in arrivo verso i porti italiani. Mentre domenica decine di uomini sono morti nel deserto a nord del Niger, durante il loro lungo viaggio verso l’Europa

ROMA – Prosegue senza sosta l’esodo di migranti dalla Libia verso l’Italia, ma anche dall’Africa occidentale verso la Libia, primo step del viaggio verso l’Europa. Solo ieri, al largo delle coste libiche, sono stati salvati oltre 5.000 migranti, mentre altri 8.500 al momento si trovano a bordo delle navi dei soccorritori, in rotta verso i porti italiani. Domenica invece un gruppo di 70 persone è stato abbandonato dai trafficanti nel deserto a nord del Niger: si sono salvati solo in 24.

I cinquemila migranti soccorsi ieri nel Mediterraneo centrale navigavano a bordo di cinque barche e 18 gommoni. Alle operazioni hanno preso parte la Guardia costiera, le ong e alcuni rimorchiatori. Mentre gli 8500 soccorsi negli ultimi due giorni si trovano adesso a bordo di 14 navi: sei di queste hanno già fatto ingresso o stanno per entrare in porti di Sicilia e Calabria, le altre otto sono ancora in navigazione a largo delle coste italiane.

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Al Jazeera | 26.06.2017

Hundreds, including 14 pregnant women and four infants, rescued off of Libya in ‚wretched state‘, says Irish navy.

An Irish naval ship has rescued 712 people, including pregnant women and infants, off the coast of the Libyan capital of Tripoli as part of an international migrant-rescue effort, Ireland’s Defence Forces say.

The Le Eithne ship led the rescue of multiple vessels in distress 40km north-west of Tripoli throughout Sunday.

Six migrants, including one baby, were revived from states of unconsciousness.

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derStandard | 25.06.2017

Wie Sea-Watch vor Libyens Küste arbeitet, warum sich die NGO nicht als „Pull-Faktor“ sieht und was Flüchtlinge und Experten dazu meinen

Reportage: Bartholomäus von Laffert | Produktion: Maria von Usslar | Foto- und Videomaterial: Raoul Kopacka

Target! Vier Meilen voraus. Halb Instinkt und halb Erfahrung sagen Reinier Boere an diesem Morgen, dass er richtig liegt. Ein schwarzer Balken am Horizont, die kleinen Punkte, die bald zu Köpfen werden, nach wenigen Minuten die Gewissheit: Das sind keine libyschen Fischer, das ist ein heillos überfülltes Holzboot, vollgepackt mit Menschen. Flüchtlinge aus Libyen.

Noch ist es kühl auf dem Mittelmeer, in der Search-and-Rescue-Zone 18 Meilen vor der libyschen Küste, auf dem Ausguck der Sea-Watch 2. Gerade erst hat das Meer die Sonne ausgespuckt, Boere hat die schwarze Trainingsjacke bis zum Kinn zugezogen, die weinrote Baseballkappe sitzt tief im Gesicht, aus seinen Kopfhörern wummert Techno-Musik. Ein obligatorischer Blick auf die Uhr. 6 Uhr 15 Minuten. „Um Mitternacht wurden die Menschen von den Schleppern losgeschickt.“ Was Boere an diesem Morgen noch nicht weiß: dass an diesem Tag noch vier weitere Boote folgen werden, eines aus Holz, drei aus Gummi; dass bei Sonnenuntergang 274 Menschen an Deck des zivilen Seenotrettungsschiffs sein werden und 121 auf hüpfburgähnlichen Rettungsinseln im Wasser.

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Washington Post | 24.06.2017

By Associated Press

MADRID — Spain’s maritime rescue service says it has rescued 224 migrants from five different boats trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

The rescue service says it reached two boats, carrying 66 and 77 migrants, in the Strait of Gibraltar overnight. A third boat with nine migrants was intercepted around daybreak Saturday in the same waters.

A few hours later, a Portuguese plane with the European Union Frontex border patrols spotted two more boats to the east, carrying 35 and 37 migrants each.

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NYT | 22.06.2017


TONGO, Senegal — Amadou Anne, the oldest son, tried first.

“If you have a way to get there, maybe you should try it,” his father told him.

The journey required crossing thousands of miles of ruthless desert and sea to reach Europe. Months passed with no news. And then the phone call.

Friends in France spotted a list of drowned migrants. Mr. Anne’s name was on it.

“I was standing right there, and I cried,” his mother, Salmata Boullo Diallo, said near the family compound in a vast expanse of fallow peanut fields in this remote part of Senegal.

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La Vanguardia | 22.06.2017

Salvamento Marítimo rescata a 414 personas en el Mar de Alborán en las últimas 48 horas.

Los servicios de rescate han auxiliado a los pasajeros de dieciséis pateras


Salvamento Marítimo, organismo dependiente del Ministerio de Fomento, ha rescatado un total de 414 personas de dieciséis pateras en el sur de España desde las 10 de la mañana de ayer hasta las 17:30 de esta tarde.

Según ha inforamdo el Ministerio de Fomento en un comunicado, en el mar de Alborán ayer la “Salvamar Spica” auxilió a dos pateras con un total de 69 personas que trasladó a Almería, mientras la “Salvamar Hamal” hizo lo mismo con una lancha con 38 personas trasladadas a Motril, y la “Salvamar Alnitak” recuperó a 52 personas que llevó a Málaga.

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Yabiladi | 21.06.2017

Hirak : Quatre migrants clandestins du Rif demandent l’asile politique à l’Espagne

Le Hirak prend une tournure aux conséquences inquiétantes pour l’image du royaume en Europe. Quatre jeunes migrants arrivés en Espagne à bord d’une embarcation de fortune ont demandé l’asile politique.

Mohammed Jaabouk

Quatre jeunes originaires du Rif ont sollicité l’asile politique à l’Espagne. Ils se présentent en tant que manifestant du Hirak ayant fui Al Hoceima. Les requêtes ont été déposées au port de Motril (Grenade) quelques heures seulement après que des éléments de la Guardia Civil les aient sauvés de la noyade. Weiterlesen »

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The Independent | 21.06.2017

Humanitarian organisations call on EU to stop ‘demonising’ NGOs for saving lives at sea

More than 2,000 migrants have died attempting treacherous boat crossings to Europe so far this year, following three more shipwrecks announced on World Refugee Day.

The United Nations’ Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said 129 asylum seekers were missing and presumed dead after a dinghy launched by smugglers in Libya started taking on water and sank, leaving only four survivors from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Two rescued Sudanese men told the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) the boat had been at sea for several hours when a group of Libyans described as “pirates” approached in a speedboat and stole their motor.

Passing Libyan fishermen rescued the pair along with two Nigerian men who were the only other survivors, and put them on another migrant boat.

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