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The Guardian | 12.02.2017

The fate of those stranded by the UK’s decision to limit taking child refugees from France

Children and women are being raped by traffickers inside a refugee camp in northern France, according to detailed testimony gathered ahead of fresh legal action against the UK government’s approach to the welfare of unaccompanied minors.

Corroborating accounts from volunteers, medics, refugees and other officials reveal that sexual abuse is common within the large camp at Dunkirk and that children and women are forced to have sex by traffickers in return for blankets or food or the offer of passage to the UK.

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Frankfurter Rundschau | 03.02.2017

Mit Schäferhunden und Zäunen versucht Bulgarien seine Grenze abzuschotten. Die Flüchtlinge, die es trotzdem ins Land geschafft haben, leben in kärglichen Unterkünften und stoßen auf aggressive Ablehnung.


Schweigend läuft Omaid Niazi über die braun verschmierten Kacheln des langen Gangs. Die Luft riecht modrig und verbraucht, nach vielen Menschen auf engem Raum. Hartes Neonlicht fällt auf Nasen und Wangen der Männer und Frauen, die unbeteiligt an den Wänden lehnen, als würden sie schon lange auf etwas warten. Ihre Rücken verdecken Löcher im Putz, über den Köpfen baumeln abgebrochene Deckenplatten. Niazi kitzelt zwei Jungen, streicht ihnen über das Haar. Dann biegt er nach links ab, in das kleine Zimmer, das er sich mit drei anderen teilt.

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Süddeutsche Zeitung | 03.02.2017

Ohnmacht und Willkür: Warum das nordafrikanische Libyen für Flüchtlinge so gefährlich ist.

Von Andrea Bachstein und Moritz Baumstieger

Bei allem, was die EU-Länder sich in Malta vorgenommen haben, bleibt die Frage, mit welchen Partnern sie oder Italiens Regierung in Libyen eigentlich zusammenarbeiten wollen, um die Lage der Flüchtlinge zu verbessern und – vor allem – die Zahl der aus Libyen startenden Migranten zu senken. 80 bis 90 Prozent der 181 000 Flüchtlinge und Migranten, die 2016 in Italien landeten, kamen über Libyen, das zerfallen ist in Machtblöcke und Stammesfürstentümer.

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The Guardian | 30.01.2017

Embassy in Niger verifies reports of rights abuses including executions in camps as Italy demands action to halt crossings

by Patrick Wintour

Conditions for migrants and refugees in Libya are worse than in concentration camps, according to a paper sent to the German foreign ministry by its ambassador in Niger.

The German embassy in Niger has authenticated reports of executions, torture and other systematic rights abuses in camps on the refugee route in Libya, Die Welt cited the report as saying on Sunday. Weiterlesen »

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der Freitag | 03.02.2017

1.500 Menschen frieren in der Ruinenlandschaft hinter dem Belgrader Busbahnhof. Sie stecken fest, weil die EU ihre Grenzen dichtmacht

von Krsto Lazarević

Hunderte Geflüchtete rufen: „Wir wollen kein Essen, wir wollen offene Grenzen!“ Es ist die erste organisierte Demonstration der Migranten in Belgrad, seit sie sich in der Ruinenlandschaft hinter dem zentralen Busbahnhof von Serbiens Hauptstadt niedergelassen haben. Einer der Demonstranten hält ein Schild in die Höhe. Auf einer Seite steht „Öffnet die Grenzen“, auf der anderen „Wir sind auch Menschen, behandelt uns auch so“. Weiterlesen »

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w2eu | 29.01.2017

Five refugees dead in Greek camps since last week due to inadequate reception conditions. Several others tried to commit suicide. Does life still matter in Europe?

  • On Monday 30th of January a 20-year-old refugee from Pakistan died in Moria Hot Spot.
  • On Saturday 28th of January a 46-year-old Syrian passed away in Moria Hot Spot detention centre reportedly from hypothermia. He was staying in the same tent as another man who died only four days ago.
  • Meanwhile the same day in Ritsona camp in mainland Greece a two-months-old baby was transferred to hospital in Chalkida due to a cystic fibrosis and later on passed away in the ambulance which was taking it to Athens. While the parents had to deal with tremendous problems in finding help for their sick child since it was born, and were under shock of its sudden death authorities and media chose to accuse them for minor neglect and bring them to the local police station. Read here: Announcement of the solidarity group in Chalkida
  • On Wednesday 25th of January a 42-year-old refugee named Benjo Massoud, father of three children, passed away in the overcrowded Hot Spot on Samos Island. According to Greek media the Kurdish refugee from Iraq had visited on Wednesday morning the camp doctor suffering reportedly from pain in the chest. He reported to have Diabetes and blood high pressure. A cardiogram was made and he got referred immediately to the hospital of the island, where he died while waiting to be examined. An employee of the camp said that the refugee had received already some days ago a letter of a doctor asking for heart exams in the hospital of the island. Despite this fact, he remained in his tent with his family the days that was very cold. Few days ago he had found by himself an empty container and settled in it together with his family. When he informed the camp managers, they just registered the transfer to the prefabricated house. The refugee had arrived on December 7th and went through first reception procedures without anyone noticing any heart problem. Already back in October Medicines Sans Frontiers reported the inadequacy of the system to screen new arrivals for vulnerability in the Hot Spots of the Aegean.
  • One day before, on Tuesday the 24th, a 21-year-old Egyptian refugee was found dead in his tent by a friend in the Hot Spot in Moria on Lesbos Island. The cause of his death is still unknown. While reportedly his death was caused by the kerosine heaters’ gas he had inhaled while trying to keep himself warm.
  • These were not the first refugee deaths of this winter in Moria. At the end of November 2016 a a 60-year-old woman and her 5-year-old grandchild died in a fire inside their tent while the woman was cooking dinner.

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Bericht von Clandestina, Thessaloniki, über die Zustände in drei nordgriechischen Lagern, 25.01.17

On Sunday the 22nd of January 2017 some of us, from the assembly of the demolished Orfanotrofio Squat and other comrades, visited three camps outside Thessaloniki. Those at Softex, Diavata and Kalochori. Weiterlesen »

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Quelle: n-tv | 23.01.2017

von Simone Schlindwein, Dadaab

Das weltweit größte Flüchtlingslager wird geschlossen. Hundertausende Somali sollen von Kenia in ihre Heimat gebracht werden. Die meisten weigern sich, suchen nach Auswegen. Europa ist für sie aber keine Option.

Jafar Aleh blättert in seinem Physikbuch. Es ist stickig in der Wellblechhütte, ihm läuft der Schweiß über die Stirn. Der 26-jährige Flüchtling aus Somalia büffelt für seinen Schulabschluss. Sein großer Traum: zur Universität zu gehen.

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Quelle: Al Jazeera | 06.01.2017

Europe’s border closures have left thousands of refugees in the Balkans

by Patrick Strickland

Residents of an impromptu camp say many are battling illnesses as winter sets in [Lazara Marinkovic/Al Jazeera]

Belgrade, Serbia – Patches of ice dot a grassless yard where a group of refugees and migrants heat a barrel of water on a campfire to bathe and handwash their clothes on a dimming afternoon in early January.

A teenager from Pakistan sits on his haunches and shivers as he waits for his friend to pour a bowl of hot water down his back, wearing only a pair of undershorts.

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Quelle: Il Fatto Quotidiano | 28.12.2016

Nella zona industriale di San Ferdinando sono più di 2mila i migranti accampati tra tende, baracche e stabili abbandonati in condizioni di vita e di lavoro disastrose. Il Protocollo Operativo in materia di accoglienza e integrazione sottoscritto quasi un anno fa in Prefettura con Regione e Comuni è rimasto lettera morta. Un quadro disperante a sette anni dalla cosiddetta “rivolta di Rosarno”. Medici per i Diritti Umani chiede che vengano attuate misure immediate e nel lungo periodo volte ad assicurare condizioni dignitose ai lavoratori che ogni anno giungono nella Piana di Gioia Tauro per la stagione agrumicola.

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