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BBC News | 16.09.2017

In Pictures

About 100,000 people have arrived on Italian shores this year, after making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean from Libya.

They are joining many thousands more asylum seekers and migrants already in the country – many stuck there after other European countries closed their borders.

About 450 of them can be found in the Fenoglio camp, outside Turin, which is run by the Italian Red Cross.

It is supposed to be a transit camp, from where migrants are quickly transferred to reception centres – but the logjam in the system means many end up spending months here.

Photographer Marco Panzetti met the inhabitants of the camp on behalf of the Red Cross. […]

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Refugees Deeply | 14.08.2017

As people trickle back to Calais after the demolition of the Jungle camp, authorities are doing all they can to prevent another camp from forming. In this photo essay, Julien Pitinome meets some of the refugees hiding out in forests and running from authorities.

Qeraso, a 17-year-old Oromo refugee, waits on the outskirts of the Quai Andrieux for a meal, July 26, 2017.Julien Pitinome

CALAIS, France – They live in quiet corners of Calais and forests on the edge of town. They must stay out of sight of the police who are on the hunt for refugees returning to the port city.

Local organizations estimate between 500 and 600 people are back in Calais since the demolition of the “Jungle” migrant camp and dispersal of some 10,000 people last October. They include former Jungle residents and new arrivals. Around 200 of them are children traveling alone.

Many hope to find a way across the English Channel to fulfill different dreams: joining relatives, making use of their English skills to build a better life, seeking asylum in the U.K. amid frustration with the slow process in France. […]

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3sat | 22.07.2017

Der griechische Fotograf Angelos Tzortzinis: Er fotografierte Krisen überall auf der Welt – bis die Krise vor seine eigene Haustür kam. Seitdem arbeitet der Fotograf Angelos Tzortzinis überwiegend in Griechenland. Wir haben ihn getroffen.

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NZZ | 19.07.2017

Seit die Balkanroute für Flüchtlinge geschlossen ist, versuchen immer mehr Menschen aus Afrika und dem Nahen Osten von Libyen aus über das Mittelmeer nach Europa zu gelangen.

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Corriere della Sera | 17.07.2017

dalla nostra inviata a bordo di Aquarius Marta Serafini

Nato in mezzo al Mediterraneo, su un gommone di fronte alla Libia nella notte tra l’11 e il 12 luglio, mentre i leader europei discutevano dell’operazione Triton. Ci dovrebbe essere scritto questo sulla carta di identità di Christ. E ci dovrebbe essere scritto pure che lui e sua madre Constance, partita dal Camerun e arrivata in Libia attraverso il Niger dopo essere stata catturata dai trafficanti, sono stati salvati dagli uomini e dalle donne di Aquarius, la nave impiegata da Sos Mediterranee e Medici Senza Frontiere per i soccorsi dei migranti in mare.

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Al Jazeera | 02.05.2017

Elliniko Camp

More than 62,000 refugees and migrants have been stuck in Greece since borders closed across the Balkans in March 2016.

Elliniko, Greece – Wet clothes were draped from the chain-link fence spanning the perimeter of the dilapidated airport hangar now being used to house hundreds of refugees and migrants, mostly Afghans, on an April afternoon.

A pair of young boys hit a volleyball back and forth in the rubbish-ridden car park, playing a seemingly endless game with neither a score nor a net.

Most of Elliniko’s residents live in tents inside the domestic arrivals terminal, or in a pair of deserted Olympic sports stadiums behind the out-of-business airport on the outskirts of the Greek capital, Athens.

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Business Insider | 29.04.2017

Migrants, including a pregnant woman, wait for inspection to cross the US-Mexico border, circa 1950s.Getty Images

A central promise of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was a 55-foot-tall, 2,000-mile-long wall that he pledged to build along the US-Mexico border. Now, 100 days into his presidency, the Trump administration is trying to figure out how to pay for it.

Earlier this week, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump was still determined to make Mexico foot the wall’s estimated $21.6 billion bill, despite the country’s vow that it will never pay for it. Spicer also said American tax dollars may go toward the wall’s construction.

„The wall’s going to get built, folks,“ Trump reiterated on April 25.

The goal of establishing a firm boundary to separate the US from Mexico is nothing new. American presidential administrations have been tightening security along the border for around a century.

Though the divide was formally established in 1824, the US didn’t launch its official Border Patrol until 1924. Inspection and holding stations were created after that, followed by the construction of miles of fences with barbed wire and steel barriers over the next few decades.

Take a look back at the history of the US-Mexico border below. […]

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Il Fatto Quotidiano | 16.04.2017

Arrivata a Reggio Calabria della nave „Vos Prudence“: a bordo c’erano 649 profughi. Moltissimi sono subsahariani, ma anche di origine asiatica, dal Pakistan e dal Bangladesh. Sarebbero invece almeno 20 le persone annegate al largo delle coste della Libia, mentre cercavano di raggiungere l’Europa. A l’equipaggio della Moas, una ong con sede a Malta

Ferite d’arma da fuoco, torture e maltrattamenti. Per la prima volta sui corpi di migranti sbarcati sulle coste italiane si cominciano a vedere “i segni delle guerre“. Lo racconta Michele Trainiti, responsabile del soccorso e della ricerca in mare di Medici senza frontiere, dopo l’arrivo a Reggio Calabria della nave “Vos Prudence“: a bordo c’erano 649 profughi. Moltissimi sono subsahariani, ma anche di origine asiatica, dal Pakistan e dal Bangladesh. Quasi in contemporanea, sul litorale di Melito Porto Salvo, sono sbarcati 89 migranti, molti dei quali di origine siriana. Sul posto sono intervenuti i carabinieri mentre da Reggio la prefettura, che aveva allestito il punto di fotosegnalamento e identificazione sulla banchina del porto, ha inviato due pullman per prelevare anche il secondo gruppo di migranti. Ad accogliere i profughi anche il sindaco di Reggio Giuseppe Falcomatà, il procuratore generale Luciano Gerardis, l’arcivescovo di Reggio Calabria-Bova, monsignor Giuseppe Fiorini Morosini. Alcuni migranti feriti sono stati affidati alle cure dei sanitari, così come una donna incinta.

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NZZ | 09.03.2017

Vor einem Jahr schloss Mazedonien seine Südgrenze. Die Flüchtlinge in der Grenzstadt Idomeni sassen fest. Dann wurde das Lager geräumt. Ein Rückblick.

1/29: Im Februar 2016 strandeten in Griechenland immer mehr Flüchtlinge, die auf der Balkanroute nicht mehr weiter kamen. Mazedonien hatte die Grenze für Migranten, die nicht aus Syrien oder Irak stammten, geschlossen (23.2.2016). (Bild: Marko Djurica / Reuters)

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