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The Eclipse of Europe: Economic Agreements between Italy and Libya and the Surveillance of Borders

Pubblicato da Fulvio Vassallo

Bilateral Agreements between Italy and Libya: Security without Human Rights

Not much has been said about the Ministerial Conference held in Rome on the 6th of March 2014, where foreign ministers, high level delegations from Libya and representatives from international organisations gathered to discuss the current situation of Libya. At the forefront of the Conference there were the economic ties between Libya and its partners, the necessity to defend them by disarming paramilitary groups, the patrolling of borders and the subsequent issue of illegal migration.
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„[…] CM: […] I spoke yesterday with [Italian Interior] Minister [Angelino] Alfano to see how we can help them. Because they say, “Europe is not helping,” but we are actually—a lot. We need to assess exactly how much more we can help them and what they need. Because crying for help is one thing, but you can’t sign a check—we need blankets, a reception center, a boat. They need to be more specific. They also need help with Mare Nostrum. This is something they need to discuss in the context of Frontex with the member states, to see how they can help. Mare Nosturm is a very expensive operation. I am full of admiration, it has saved thousands and thousands of lives. We have contributed a little bit from the EU but it is a very expensive operation. So to just replace it with a Frontex operation is not possible. They don’t have the money for that. The Frontex budget is €90 million and not all of that can go to operational issues. And the Mediterranean is very big.
And member states have capped the budget. Maybe some member states are willing to contribute more. Outside the context of Frontex, too, we can look at how countries can help. But I don’t think they have the economic means to continue with this.
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Kayiki Press Release

End death at border now! Respect human life and death!

We, the inhabitants of both sides of Aegean Sea, express our anger and our shock about the thousands of deaths of refugees and migrants in their effort to cross Europe. They are a direct result of the Europe Fortress policy: The sealing of the borders and the lack of any other way for these people to seek protection.

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21. Juni 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Frontex zwischen Griechenland und Türkei – Studie Migreurop u.a. · Kategorien: Griechenland, Hintergrund, Türkei · Tags:

(Soon available in English, Greek and Turkish)

Communiqué de presse de

Migreurop-REMDH-FIDH dans le cadre de la campagne Frontexit

20/06/2014-Journée internationale des réfugiés


 « Frontex entre Grèce et Turquie : la frontière du déni »

Le déploiement de Frontex nuit au droit d’asile

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Frontex must absorb Mare Nostrum.

We can’t let people die at sea, says Italy’s Defence Minister

Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will present to the EU Council a plan to transform the European border agency Frontex and make it absorb the migrant rescue programme – Mare Nostrum, Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti has revealed.
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„[…] Nel pomeriggio di venerdì il velivolo Atlantic dell’Aeronautica Militare (Frontex) avvistava una barca in legno con numerosi migranti molto ad est delle aree di pattugliamento Mare Nostrum, area Pireo. Sul posto sono intervenute le motonavi Vento di Tramontana (Liberia) e FD Sea Wish (UK), CP 308, CP 403 delle Capitanerie di Porto e la Motovedetta G106 della Guardia di Finanza: 288 i migranti soccorsi (114 uomini, 34 donne, 140 minori), successivamente sbarcati nel porto di Reggio Calabria. […]“

via Military News from Italy | Rispetto e onore al Tricolore!

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Emergenza sbarchi, Pinotti: “Frontex deve assorbire la missione Mare Nostrum”

Il 25 e 26 giugno, ci sarà il Consiglio Ue sull’immigrazione: lì il premier Renzi presenterà il piano per trasformare Frontex che deve assorbire di fatto i compiti che oggi svolge la missione ‘Mare Nostrum’, in una situazione emergenziale che non è giusto l’Italia tenga tutta sulle proprie spalle”.
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15. Juni 2014 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Frontex für 200 Tote am 13.06.2014 verantwortlich? – Il Fatto Quotidiano · Kategorien: Italien, Libyen · Tags: , , ,

Die italienische Tageszeitung „Il Fatto Quotidiano“ weist auf die näheren Umstände des Schiffbruchs von 2 Flüchtlingsbooten 40 Seemeilen vor der libyschen Küste hin – und auf die zu untersuchende Rolle von Frontex:

In der Meereszone, in der am 13.06.2014 vermutlich mehr als 200 Flüchtlinge ertranken, hatten die Kriegsschiffe der italienischen Operation „Mare Nostrum“ seit Ende Oktober 2013 Tausende von Bootsflüchtlingen gerettet. Seit ungefähr einem Monat zieht sich der italienische Militäreinsatz aus dieser Meeresregion zurück und fordert die libysche Militär-Küstenwache erpresserisch auf zu „retten“ (d.h. die verhafteten Bootsflüchtlinge in berüchtigte Lager an der Küste einzusperren), und zugleich bekundet die italienische Regierung gegenüber der EU, dass die EU endlich die Rettungs- oder Abschottungsarbeiten im Kanal von Sizilien übernehmen solle.

Zumindest eines der beiden Flüchtlingsschiffe in Seenot hat ein portugiesisches Frontex-Flugzeug erkannt und (wann?) dies offensichtlich nach Italien gemeldet.

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Frontex risparmia sui salvataggi

Nello Scavo

Quasi 90 milioni di budget e meno di un decimo, 7,1 milioni, destinati per le operazioni di salvataggio. Sta tutta qui la sproporzione tra gli obiettivi sbandierati e l’impegno effettivo di Frontex, l’agenzia europea che dovrebbe sorvegliare i confini dell’Unione e intervenire, grazie a un nuovo regolamento, anche nelle missioni di salvataggio.

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„The International Border Security Forum is an objective institution that has the potential to provide council and inspire the change. The Mediterranean workshop, in the framework of the forum, will gather in one room decision makers as well as military and security experts for a
creative and open discussion where the main regional border security threats will be identified and assessed. The adequate precaution measures and combat tactics, both in terms of armament and technology will also be proposed.“

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