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Bloomberg Business

More refugees die trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea than at any border in the world. This husband-and-wife team are trying to save them

By Brad Wieners


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Libya Herald

IOM evacuates 133 Senegalese from Libya with more to come

By Libya Herald staff. Tripoli, 27 February 2015:

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has successfully organised the evacuation of 133 Senegalese men from the Karareem reception centre in Misrata to Djerba, Tunisia, from where they will then fly on to Dakar.

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Libya – Interagency Rapid Assessment

Two million people, a third of Libya’s population, may have been affected by internal conflict – international report

Libya Herald

By Libya Herald Reporter

Interagency Rapid Assessment in Libya

A new report out last week estimates that two million people, a third of the Libya population, may have been affected, and close to four-hundred thousand people are displaced – as a result of the country’s conflict.

The political crisis and escalation of violence in Libya since May 2014 has led to civilian casualties, massive displacement as well as the destruction of public infrastructure and the disruption of basic services and social protection systems, the multi international agency report entitled Interagency Rapid Assessment Report December 2014, concluded.

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International Organization for Migration

IOM Provides Voluntary Return Home to Stranded Migrants in Libya

Libya – Three years after the fall of the former regime, the Libyan people find themselves no closer to realizing their aspirations for a better future. Security conditions continue to deteriorate and life remains hard, particularly for migrants.

According to IOM Libya Chief of Mission Othman Belbeisi, an estimated 150,000 migrant workers remain stranded in the country, but some progress is being made in helping the most vulnerable to return home voluntarily.

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IOM Staff in Italy Report on “Ghost Ship” Trend, Meet with Rescued Migrants

Italy – The spectre of large, disposable crafts bearing hundreds of migrants across dangerous waters in the new year was borne out in terrifying fashion this past week as more than 1,000 migrants, most fleeing Syria, had to be rescued in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to survivors’ accounts, the crews of both vessels deliberately abandoned men, women and children aboard, setting courses for the Italian coastline despite the very real possibility that hundreds might drown.

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Libya – International Organization for Migration

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Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Die Flucht vor der Datensammelwut

von Helmut Dietrich

Die EU verlagert ihre Flüchtlingsabwehr immer weiter nach außen. Mit modernsten Überwachungsmitteln will die Grenzagentur Frontex die Flüchtlingsrouten herausbekommen. Doch die Flüchtenden begeben sich auf unbekannte Routen und weichen den Kontrollen der Festung Europa aus.

Über drei Millionen Menschen sind aus Syrien geflüchtet – und zum allergrößten Teil in Nachbarländern aufgehalten worden. Von der syrischen Aufstandsregion um Daraa führt der Weg über die nahe Grenze geradewegs in den Gewahrsam der jordanischen Armee und der Organization for Migration (IOM). Letztere erfasst die Personendaten, dann kommen die Flüchtlinge nach Saatari, dem größten Flüchtlingslager im Nahen Osten, direkt hinter der Grenze in der Wüste.

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afrol News

Niger, Chad receive 75,000 refugees from Libya

Refugees reaching Chad’s desert town Faya-Largeau, crossing the Sahara from Libya, © B Abdoulaye / UNHCR / afrol News

The governments of the poor Sahelian states of Niger and Chad are struggling to accommodate a total of 75,000 refugees crossing the Sahara desert from Libya.

According to the latest statistic update from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) offices in Niamey, Niger, some 54,200 persons have fled Libya into this impoverished Sahelian nation only. Niger authorities even put the number at 57,000.

Most of those fleeing Libya, taking great risks crossing the Sahara desert, are Nigerien nationals – mostly migrant workers in Libya. However, almost 4,000 non-Nigeriens – mostly nationals of other African countries – have also reached Niger.

Those arriving Niger’s northern border, in the middle of the Sahara desert, are mostly deprived of all their values and need assistance to reach their final destinations in Niger or beyond.

Niger authorities and the IOM operate several reception centres in northern Niger. Here, the migrants are registered, given necessary aid and helped reaching their original home.

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Solaa News

IOM’s team providing assistance to migrants arriving in Europe by sea from North Africa and the Middle East recorded another 18 migrants reported missing, and presumed dead this week. The reports came from fellow passengers rescued by commercial and military vessels patrolling increasingly wintery and dangerous Mediterranean routes.Over 5,100 migrants have arrived in Italy by sea in the last 10 days, rescued by the ships plying waters in the Channel of Sicily in the framework of the Triton and Mare Nostrum operations, which will continue until the end of the year, when the Italian Government said it will end its Mare Nostrum mission (which this month officially changed its name into “Surveillance and Sea Security Mechanism”).

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Zur Schiffskatastrophe südöstlich von Malta, die die IOM als Massenmord qualifizierte, gibt es unterschiedliche Angaben und Daten. Darauf macht das militärorientierte Internetportal “defenceweb” aufmerksam. Es stellt Unterschiede in der Darstellung von IOM und UNHCR heraus. Demnach wird folgendermaßen rekonstruiert:
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