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Feuer auf Wehrlose

Griechische Küstenwache schießt – dem Dienstprotokoll folgend – auf Boot mit syrischen Flüchtlingen. Drei Verletzte

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Tunesien als Europas Türhüter

„Tausende von Tunesiern riskieren jedes Jahr ihr Leben bei der Überfahrt nach Europa für die Aussicht auf Arbeit. Für Migranten aus dem subsaharischen Afrika ist Tunesien allerdings oft nicht das Sprungbrett nach Europa, sondern die Endstation.

Annette Steinich, Tunis

«Ich habe achtzehn Stunden gebraucht bis Lampedusa. Manchmal dauert es drei Tage», sagt Mustapha Huidi, Fischer im kleinen Hafen von El Louza an der tunesischen Küste etwa vierzig Kilometer nördlich von Sfax.

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Coastguard Search and Rescue skills boosted by training

The Libyan Naval Coastguard learnt how to use highly-advanced software to find vessels lost at sea

The Libyan Naval Coastguard’s Search and Rescue (SAR) skills have been  boosted by training on modern computerised methods to find vessels stranded at  sea.

The training, organised by the EU Border Assistance Mission to Libya (EUBAM  Libya) focused, in particular, on mission coordination during SAR  operations.

“Today’s exercise is about a search for a stranded fishing vessel. We know  that the first search was not successful so we need to engage in a subsequent  search”, EUBAM’s senior Naval Coastguard expert Emmanuel Mallia told the class.  He added that two aircraft were also searching the boat.

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„Libya autonomy groups vows to sell oil from seized ports, challenges Tripoli

By Ghaith Shennib and Julia Payne

TRIPOLI/LONDON (Reuters) – A heavily armed autonomy group in eastern Libya said on Tuesday it would invite foreign companies to buy oil from seized ports and protect arriving tankers, challenging Tripoli which has promised to use force to stop them.
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Libyan coastguard catches 195 migrants

The Libyan coastguard picked up two boats of migrants bound for Europe yesterday, one of which was discovered during a routine patrol.

The vessel, found off the coast of Garabulli by members of Tripoli Coastguard who were on a reconnaissance mission, had 103 illegal immigrants on board. It was escorted back to Tripoli Port and the migrants were taken to an illegal immigration detention centre in the capital’s Abu Saleem district.
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Blog défense

Armée libyenne : dans l’urgence de se reconstruire

Par Laurent Touchard

Laurent Touchard travaille depuis de nombreuses années sur le terrorisme et l’histoire militaire. Il a collaboré à plusieurs ouvrages et certains de ses travaux sont utilisés par l’université Johns-Hopkins, aux États-Unis. Après avoir évoquer dans un premier billet le problème de l’intégration des milices dans l’armée libyenne, il s’attache cette semaine à dresser un état des forces de cette dernière.
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Mit eingebauten schweren Maschinengewehren:


Peschereccio, giallo sulle mitragliette
„Alla Libia motovedette prive di armi“
La Procura di Agrigento intenzionata a fare chiarezza dopo la perizia balistica dei Ris, secondo cui a sparare contro l’Ariete sarebbero state le mitragliette fisse in dotazione alle motovedette. Armi che l’Italia non ha fornito alla Libia. La Guardia di Finanza ribadisce: „Erano armi leggere“. Da Tripoli la notizia: indagato e sospeso il comandante della motovedetta libica

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Libyan Coast Guard - Tagreft - 21.06.2008


Libyan Coast Guard - PV30-LS Fast Patrol Class - Tagreft and Marset - 10.02.2008

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Libyan frigate arrives for repairs

The Libyan frigate Al Hani has arrived in Malta for repairs and maintenance at Cassar Ship Repair.

The frigate arrived under tow.

Libya has two vessels of this type, which are former Soviet KONI III class frigates. They carry surface-to-surface missiles and guns fore and aft.
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„[…] As many as 400 people were on board the boat that sank on Friday 1, many of them reportedly fleeing the conflict in Syria.

The man who spoke to the BBC said he was originally from a Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital, Damascus. He did not want to be identified but gave his name as Abde.He suggested that it was the Libyan coast guard that had fired at the boat, though other accounts suggested that rival trafficking gangs or Libyan militiamen may have been to blame.Map of the Mediterranean“When we got out in the international waters, they came after us and shot some fires in the air and we kept moving,“ said Abde.“When we got inside the Italian waters, they lost hope and started shooting us with live rounds.“They shot two of the skippers. Some of the women got shot. The last thing they shot the engine room in the bottom of the boat and that’s when the water started to get inside the ship.“Those on the boat raised the alarm with the Red Cross, but had to wait for up to an hour-and-a-half before being rescued, he said. […]“

via BBC News – Migrant boat ’shot at‘ as it left Libya

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