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Guardian 18.07.18

Coastguard crackdown leaves thousands in overcrowded facilities, with many more at mercy of smugglers and militia

The number of migrants in Libya’s overcrowded detention centres has almost doubled over the past three months, according to the UN’s migration agency.

Amid a crackdown on Mediterranean crossings by the Italy and EU-backed Libyan coastguard, the number of people being held has swollen from 5,000 to 9,300, with thousands more at the mercy of smugglers in charge of unofficial detention facilities, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said.
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nd | 04.07.2018

Flüchtlinge werden schon jetzt in Aufnahmezentren zusammengepfercht – zum Beispiel auf Lesbos. Die Migranten sind die Leidtragenden, meint Valeria Hänsel

Der sogenannte Asylkompromiss ist vor allem ein Triumph der Befürworter_innen von Abschottung und Ausgrenzung. In Deutschland haben die unermüdlichen Parolen von AfD und CSU den politischen Diskurs so weit nach rechts verschoben, dass die »Europäische Lösung der Flüchtlingskrise« von Angela Merkel schon fast als ein Akt der Solidarität erscheint. Denn wochenlang wurden hierzulande nur noch zwei mögliche Positionen innerhalb der Migrationspolitik diskutiert: entweder die Abschottung der nationalen oder der europäischen Außengrenzen. Nun ist auch dieser Gegensatz gefallen. Sowohl auf europäischer als auch auf nationaler Ebene setzen CSU und CDU auf Lager und Zurückweisung.

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The Guardian | 01.07.2018

Thousands of people are stranded in African processing camps because no other country will take them

Owen Jones

Stop people in Africa, before they get anywhere near the Mediterranean, and sort them into refugees and migrants there, only allowing the refugees to continue to Europe. This was the big idea that came out of last week’s EU migration summit.

But campaigners say the predicament of 260 children stuck in limbo in Niger demonstrates that there is no guarantee EU countries would eventually take the refugees, even if African countries agreed to this arrangement. In November, amid horrific tales of Africans being enslaved, imprisoned and tortured in Libya, Niger agreed to act as a halfway house for refugees that UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency, had identified and could get out.

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The Local | 07.06.2018

Plastic huts, rubbish, exhausting days under the blistering sun, violence… The San Ferdinando camp in southern Italy couldn’t be further from the „good times“ for migrants, referred to by Italy’s new nationalist interior minister Matteo Salvini.

The citrus and kiwi season is over in the agricultural plains of Gioia Tauro, in Calabria, but several hundred African migrants continue to live at the makeshift camp, hoping for a few days of work.

Tensions are running high after Soumaila Sacko, a 29-year-old Malian, was shot in the head on Saturday while he was looking for metal sheets in a disused factory.

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Ekathimerini | 30.05.2018

Despite vehement local opposition, the government is planning to create new reception facilities for migrants and refugees on Lesvos after rioting at the severely overcrowded Moria camp on Friday prompted hundreds of Kurdish migrants to abandon the premises.

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Welt | 26.05.2018

Von Schleusern gejagt und beschossen – mindestens 15 Migranten tot

Nach Angaben von Ärzte ohne Grenzen sind rund 100 Menschen bei der Flucht aus einem Geheimgefängnis im Nordwesten Libyens von Menschenschmugglern angegriffen worden. Die Hilfsorganisation beklagt den „andauernden Horror“.

Zahlreiche Migranten im Nordwesten Libyens sind laut Ärzte ohne Grenzen von Menschenschmugglern getötet worden. Rund 100 Opfer seien bei dem Versuch, aus einem Geheimgefängnis in Bani Walid zu fliehen, von Schleusern gejagt und beschossen worden, teilte die Hilfsorganisation am Freitag mit.

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Libya: Shameful EU policies fuel surge in detention of migrants and refugees

A surge in migrants and refugees intercepted at sea by the Libyan authorities has seen at least 2,600 people transferred, in the past two months alone, to squalid detention centres where they face torture and extortion, Amnesty International said today.

The global human rights organisation accuses European governments of complicity in these abuses by actively supporting the Libyan authorities in stopping sea crossings and sending people back to detention centres in Libya.

“The EU is turning a blind eye to the suffering caused by its callous immigration policies that outsource border control to Libya,” said Heba Morayef, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Director.

“When European leaders spare no effort to ensure the Libyan Coast Guard intercepts as many people as possible, they are sending those migrants and refugees straight back to Libya’s detention centres which are notorious for abuse and torture. No one should be sending anyone back to Libya.” Weiterlesen »

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Trípoli, 16 may (EFE).- La organización humanitaria Médicos sin Fronteras (MSF) denunció hoy que existe un elevado número de migrantes y refugiados en cárceles clandestinas en Libia y que la tortura y el secuestro son una práctica generalizada que, lejos de disminuir, „va en aumento“.

En un comunicado remitido a Efe, el jefe de la misión de MSF en Libia, Christophe Biteau, advirtió, igualmente, de que la distinción entre las redes clandestinas dedicadas al tráfico de personas y los servicios oficiales de guardacostas, a los que financia la Unión Europea, no es siempre clara. Weiterlesen »

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RFS condemns Serraj PC for institutionalising Rada militia with increased powers

By Sami Zaptia.

The Faiez Serraj-led Presidency Council has dissolved the Special Deterrence Force ”Rada” and rebranded it with increased powers (Logo: SDF).

London, 16 May 2018:

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has called for the immediate withdrawal of a decree by the Faiez Serraj-led and internationally recognized Presidency Council / Government of National Accord (PC/GNA) in Tripoli that would turn a militia, guilty of abuses against journalists, into an anti-crime unit with very broad surveillance powers.

In a statement released yesterday, RSF said that decree gives a blank cheque to the militia that prosecutes journalists. It added that Article 13 of Decree No. 555, issued on 7 May, dissolves “Al Radaa” (The Special Deterrence Force led by Salafist Abdelrauf Kara) – a militia responsible for kidnapping, detaining and torturing many journalists and ransacking Annabaa TV’s headquarters twice. Weiterlesen »

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Il Fatto Quotidiano | 04.05.2018

Milano, corteo contro Eni: allerta per l’arrivo di anarchici italiani ed europei

Sabato 5 maggio, manifestazione contro il colosso energetico con partenza alle 15 dalla stazione centrale. Rischio black bloc e disordini durante il corteo che attraverserà il quartiere Isola e terminerà in zona Maciachini. Previsto l’arrivo di gruppi stranieri, No Tav e No Tap

Ci sono gli slogan che circolano in Rete da settimane e pure il rischio che, attorno agli anarchici e alle frange più dure dei movimenti ambientalisti locali, si saldi l’interesse di gruppi francesi, tedeschi e svizzeri. È allerta per il corteo contro l’Eni che sabato partirà dal piazzale della stazione centrale di Milano alle 15.

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