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AP | 03.11.2017

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Authorities in Greece and Turkey say at least three people have died and several more are believed to be missing after a boat carrying migrants from Turkey sank off the Greek island of Kalymnos.

The Greek coast guard said 15 people were rescued and one body was recovered after the wooden boat sank in mild weather conditions before dawn Friday. Two other bodies believed to be from the same vessel were found by the Turkish coast guard.

A search for the missing migrants continued in Greek waters.

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04. November 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Mittelmeer: Schlauchboot gekentert, 23 Tote, über 60 Menschen gerettet, einige vermisst · Kategorien: Italien, Libyen, Mittelmeer · Tags: , , ,

Insgesamt haben Schiffe der Mission Sophia/Eunavfor Med bei insgesamt drei Einsätzen 263 Boat People retten können. Ein Schlauchboot ist gekentert, dabei sind 23 Menschen ums Leben gekommen, deren Leichen geborgen wurden. Wahrscheinlich gibt es einige Vermisste.

Il Fatto Quotidiano | 03.11.2017

Migranti, si rovescia un gommone nel mar Mediterraneo: 23 morti, salvate 263 persone

Nell’operazione recuperate altre 64 persone, ma potrebbero esserci dei dispersi. Ad accorgersi dell’imbarcazione al largo delle coste libiche era stato un elicottero che stava perlustrando la zona

Ventitré morti, oltre sessanta persone salvate e probabilmente alcuni dispersi. È il bilancio dell’ultimo naufragio nelle acque del Mediterraneo. La nave spagnola Cantabria ha recuperato i corpi di 23 persone che hanno perso la vita dopo il ribaltamento di un gommone diretto verso le coste italiane. Ad accorgersi dell’imbarcazione al largo delle coste libiche era stato un elicottero che stava perlustrando la zona.

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03. November 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Libysche Marine schickt Migranten nach Italien · Kategorien: Italien, Libyen, Tunesien · Tags: , , ,

Bei Rettungsaktionen im Mittelmeer hat die libysche Küstenwache die Migrant*innen erstmals nicht nach Libyen zurückgebracht, sondern anderen Schiffen übergeben, die sie nach Italien gebracht haben.

Avvenire.it | 01.11.2017

La Marina libica «invia» i migranti in Italia. Altri morti in mare

La Guardia costiera di Tripoli non riporta più a terra le persone recuperate in mare, ma le consegna ad altre navi perché poi sbarchino in Italia.

Daniela Fassini

Soccorsi dalla Guardia costiera libica, consegnati alle navi militari italiane, trasbordati sull’Aquarius di Sos Mediterranée. È il nuovo racconto che arriva dal Mediterraneo. Martedì sera, informa il portavoce della marina libica, l’ammiraglio Ayob Amr Ghasem, circa 120 migranti alla deriva a bordo di un gommone, sono stati soccorsi dalla Guardia costiera libica a «circa a due miglia dalla piattaforma petrolifera di Sabratha e 60 miglia a nord di Zawiya», ha precisato il portavoce che fa riferimento a una località a circa 50 km a ovest di Tripoli.

Inoltre sette cadaveri sono stati recuperati a bordo di un gommone diretto verso l’Italia al largo delle coste libiche durante un’operazione di soccorso coordinata dalla centrale operativa di Roma della Guardia Costiera. Sconosciute, per ora, le cause della morte.

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Reuters | 03.11.2017

Three people drowned, at least six were missing and scores of others were rescued in three separate incidents of migrants trying to reach Greece across the Aegean Sea early Friday.

Greek authorities recovered the body of a woman and searched for more people missing after a wooden boat carrying migrants sank off Kalymnos island, close to the Turkish coast.

Fifteen people, 10 men, four women and a child, were rescued, and Greek coastguard vessels were searching for another six to eight people missing, a Greek coastguard official said.

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02. November 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „Refugee graves were a common sight in Libya. Now it’s Tunisia’s turn“ · Kategorien: Libyen, Tunesien · Tags: ,

The Guardian | 02.11.2017

A crackdown appears to be pushing the problem across the border in north Africa, with dozens of bodies now washing ashore

“The dead are someone’s husband, someone’s child, wife, sister or brother. Would you bury your loved ones in this manner?”

The short Tunisian man gestures towards makeshift graves containing the bodies of dozens of drowned migrants. This may have become a common enough sight across the border in Libya in recent years. Now a crackdown on people trafficking in that country appears to be pushing the problem into Tunisia.

“They are not at fault for being buried here. We are at fault. You are at fault. The world is at fault.”

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26. Oktober 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Memorial for the Dead of the European Borders, Thermi/Lesvos 25th of October 2017 · Kategorien: Griechenland · Tags: ,

w2eu | 25.10.2017

Today in the afternoon more then 50 people gathered in the harbour of Thermi/Lesvos in commemoration of the dead of the European border regime. Among them were survivors of a shipwreck on 23rdof April of this year in the North of Lesvos as well as people active in rescue. The memorial happens once every year since October 2013 and was initiated by the Welcome to Europe network.

copyright: Marily Stroux

When we started to remember this year, who we have to mourn for, we realized that we are more and more confronted with death even after people have survived the sea. We had to commemorate today also friend who died last winter in the hot-spot of Moria, because they had been left during winter in terrible conditions. We are in close contacts with families that they waited too long to be reunited with their beloved even if they had the right for family reunification and died before. If you really want to mourn the dead of the Sea, you have to respect also the survivors. The only solution to end their suffering is to create safe passages, to give the people their right to move freely – and for those who are stuck here to finally open the islands. This is why every memorial for us is combined with the promise to tear down the borders that killed them and to create another, a welcoming Europe.

This year the memorial plate was renewed and fixed. We thank to: the local club of the fishermen ΝΕΣΕΑΛΘ “ΠΟΣΕΙΔΩΝ“, Stellios from the shipyard in Kontouroudia, metal work Gianis Moisis, Chrisanthos, Alcalica-ALM eV, Simos and Web copy shop.

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21. Oktober 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Algerien: Tote angespült, weitere werden vermisst · Kategorien: Algerien · Tags: ,

Le Quotidien d’Oran | 21.10.2017

Oran: Les corps de deux harraga repêchés, au large d’Ain El-Turck

par J. Boukraa

Deux cadavres, en état de décom-position très avancé, ont été découverts, en fin de semaine dernière, au large d’Ain El-Turck. Il s’agit de corps de jeunes candidats à l’émigration clandestine, originaires d’Oran. Les deux corps ont été remis à leurs familles. Selon les informations recueillies auprès des amis et des voisins des victimes, il s’agit du corps d’un certain Nabil, âgé de 21 ans, et habitant la cité ‘ADDL pépinière‘, dans la commune de Bir El Djir et celui du jeune Abdeljalil, la vingtaine aussi, résidant au quartier Carteaux, à Oran.

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17. Oktober 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Immigrés noyés : Neuf nouveaux cadavres repêchés · Kategorien: Tunesien · Tags: , , ,

Nachdem ein tunesisches Kriegsschiff ein Schiff mit tunesischen Boat People gerammt hatte, sind mittlerweile 44 Tote geborgen, weitere sind vermisst.

mosaïque fm | 17.10.2017

Neuf nouveaux cadavres d’immigrés clandestins noyés ont été repêchés dans la journée de ce mardi 17 octobre 2017 dont le cadavre d’une femme. Le nombre total de cadavres repêchés s’élève actuellement à 44 selon un communiqué du ministère de la Défense.

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The Libya Observer | 12.10.2017

A boat carrying 25 immigrants from Arab and Asian countries, including Libya, sank off Zawiya shore while en route to Europe on Thursday, sources say.

The Criminal Investigation Agency of the Western Region said the wooden boat set off at around 2.00 am local time from Al-Harsha district shore carrying immigrants from Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and Pakistan, in addition to other unidentified nationalities.

“20 minutes later, the seawater began to seep into the boat and the Sudanese captain attempted to make a U-turn to head back to the beach, but it was too late as the boat capsized,” the agency quoted one of survivors as saying.

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13. Oktober 2017 · Kommentare deaktiviert für „Migrant deaths in the Sahara likely twice Mediterranean toll: U.N.“ · Kategorien: Afrika, Niger, Sahara · Tags:

Reuters | 12.10.2017

Tom Miles, Stephanie Nebehay

West African migrants trying to reach Europe are dying in far greater numbers in the Sahara than in the Mediterranean but efforts to dissuade them may cause new routes to open up, the United Nations migration agency said on Thursday.

So far this year 2,569 migrant deaths have been recorded in the central Mediterranean, while more than 107,000 migrants, mainly West Africans, have reached Italy.

“One thing we still don’t have is any estimate of number of deaths in the desert,” Richard Danziger, the U.N. International Organization for Migration director for West and Central Africa, told a news conference in Geneva.

“We assume, and I think we have said before, that it has to be at least double those who die in the Mediterranean. But we really have no evidence of that, it’s just an assumption. We just don’t know.”

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