?WHO WILL RESCUE 3 BOATS IN URGENT DISTRESS? Armed Forces Malta spotted 3 boats in distress in international waters/Libyan SAR via air surveillance & 2 of the boats called #AlarmPhone earlier today. All relevant authorities are alerted but so far nobody has taken responsibility!
Email exchanges between #Malta & #Libya that included #AlarmPhone reveal a rejection of responsibility by #Europe. While the so-called Libyan coastguards claim to have no assets at their disposal, Malta implies its assets are tied to other SAR events.
At 14.01h CET the so-called Libyan Navy Coast Guard (LNCG) stated in an email to RCC Malta: „Regarding the three Rubber Boat reported from your MPA [Maritime Patrol Aircraft], we don’t have any LNCG assets for engaging in SAR events.“
At 15.03h, RCC #Malta stated: „RCC Malta has issued a NAVTEX to all shipping in area for your coordination … You are therefore being encouraged to coordinate with all means including private shipping in the area.“ According to Malta, 2 French Navy assets are in the area.
At 16.20h, RCC Malta told us on the phone that they were not responsible and that they sent the NAVTEX merely on behalf of the so-called Libyan coastguards. When we stated that LNCG had asked RCC Malta to intervene, the Maltese officer stated: „no, they did not“.
We call on all actors involved, including commercial vessels in the area of distress, to immediately rescue the people in need & to bring them to a place of safety in #Europe. Returning them to #Libya would violate international conventions & expose the survivors to grave danger.

? Malta und Libyen verweigern Rettung! 3 Boote in Seenot!