Alarmphone: ‘And Yet We Move – 2018, a Contested Year’

Throughout 2018, we have witnessed and assisted contested movements across the Mediterranean Sea. Despite violent deterrence policies and practices, about 113,000 people succeeded in subverting maritime borders and have arrived in Europe by boat. We were alerted to 666 distress situations at sea (until December 23rd), and our shift teams have done their best to assist the many thousands of people.

Open Arms mit 311 Boat-people in Spanien angekommen

Mit „Boza! Boza!“-Rufen sind heute morgen um 9 Uhr die 311 Boat-people mit dem NGO-Seenotrettungsschiff Proactiva Open Arms in Algeciras angekommen, die nach ihrer Rettung im zentralen Mittelmeer 1.000 Seemeilen westwärts bis an die Meerenge von Gibraltar gebracht werden mussten, um in Europa aufgenommen zu werden. Italien und Malta hatten das Anlanden verweigert.

‘It’s an Act of Murder’: How Europe Outsources Suffering as Migrants Drown

This short film, produced by The Times’s Opinion Video team and the research groups Forensic Architecture and Forensic Oceanography, reconstructs a tragedy at sea that left at least 20 migrants dead. Combining footage from more than 10 cameras, 3-D modeling and interviews with rescuers and survivors, the documentary shows Europe’s role in the migrant crisis at sea.