In 2019, 223 boats in distress called the Alarm Phone in the Aegean Sea. Also in 2020, the struggle to cross to the Greek islands continues. Read our new regional analysis on developments in the Aegean, covering the period 8 June 2019 to 19 January 2020.

Yesterday, the day our analysis was released, large-scale protests erupted once more on Lesvos. Thousands are still trapped there and on other Greek islands. The protestors called for their freedom of movement and were met again with violent police measures.

Our analysis highlights the ongoing struggles along sea- and land-routes in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean. It describes what we have witnessed and become a part of and focusses on what has been directly reported to us by migrant travellers.

We dedicate this report to Yolland Hamdan and all the many others who lost their lives while trying to reach a place where they hoped to find safety. Yolland Hamdan died on 2 January 2020 in the Aegean. Our hearts are with all who struggle at borders for their freedom to move.

Alarmphone | 03.02.2020

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