The new Alarm Phone ‘Central Mediterranean Regional Analysis’ is out! It highlights the record number of Alarm Phone distress cases, the continuous migrant and NGO struggles at sea, but also the ongoing Libyan mass interceptions. The analysis offers an account of the many shipwrecks in this region, examines the changing situation in Malta, and points to an increase in autonomous boat arrivals in Europe.

Over the past three months, the Alarm Phone was alerted to 39 distress situations in the central Mediterranean, involving over 2,337 people. Never before has the Alarm Phone been alerted to so many boats crossing this area of the Mediterranean Sea in such short period of time. 14 of these boats were intercepted and returned to Libya. 17 boats were rescued and brought to a European harbour, including eight by NGO vessels. The fate of six boats remains unknown. Two boats capsized, and about 140 people lost their lives.

Please find the analysis on our website:

Alarm Phone ‘Central Mediterranean Regional Analysis’