This analysis focuses on the latest shocking developments in the Aegean region and reports on push backs in the Aegean Sea and at the land border that the Alarm Phone was alerted to from February to September 2020. It is primarily based on testimonials from activists and migrants on both sides of the border. Together, they draw an image of systematic violence against people on the move in Greece, Turkey and at the border zone in between. They also show the absence of any services which might allow people to meet their basic human needs. On either side of the border migrants are used by the states involved as chips in their political power games on both a national and regional level.


  1. Escalation and further militarization of the border region
  2. Summary of Alarm Phone cases from February until September
  3. Push back cases
  4. Fleeing again: Fire in Moria camp on Lesvos
  5. The situation in Turkey and its consequences for people on the move
  6. Solidarity networks to fight against the increasing violence

The new Aegean Regional Analysis of Alarm Phone is out and you can find it online here:



Alarmphone: Aegean Regional Analysis