The Sudanese government on Saturday signed an agreement to host the African Union’s Center for Illegal Migration.

Under the agreement, Khartoum will become the permanent headquarters of the center.

The ambassador to Addis Anas al-Tayeb al-Jilani signed the agreement on behalf of the Sudanese government, while Mariam Cisse, director of social affairs at the AU Commission, signed the agreement on behalf of the commission, the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said the center is the first of its kind in the African continent, where it will serve all countries, and the European Union supports the center technically and financially.

She added: „The embrace of the center in Khartoum, in recognition of the role of Sudan and its contribution to the fight against illegal migration in the Horn of Africa.“ […]

These initiatives were financed by a 4.5 billion euro ($ 5 billion) European fund for measures in Africa to control migration and address its root causes. Germany contributed more than 160 million euros to the fund.

Sudantribune | 26.10.2019

AU-Center for Illegal Migration in Khartoum