MSF: Lager-Hinweise nach italienischem Massen-Push-Back nach Libyen

On January 21, 106 people disembarked in Khoms from a commercial ship. It is feared that at least six people drowned while the group was at sea. “Upon disembarkation, several people were in need of urgent medical care, and we intervened to provide medical assistance,” explains Julien Raickman, in charge of MSF activities in Misrata, Khoms, and Bani Walid. A 15-year-old boy later died at the hospital. Yesterday, another group of 144 people also rescued by a merchant ship disembarked in Misrata. Among the 250 people who recently disembarked in Misrata and Khoms are many women – some of whom are pregnant – as well as babies and young children under seven years old. They were transferred to detention centers in the area.

Sea-Watch: Bürgermeister und Parlamentarier nach Besuchsverbot mit Schnellboot auf SW!

Nachdem Innenminister Matteo Salvini gestern italienischen Parlamentiern und Anderen den Besuch der „Sea Watch 3“ untersagt hatte, die seit 9 Tagen 47 Gerettete an Bord hat und vor Syrakus liegt, haben heute morgen der Bürgermeister von Syrakus, drei Parlamentarier*innen, Anwält*innen, Ärzt*innen und Aktivist*innen die Wach- und Kontrollschiffe vor der „Sea Watch 3“ mit einem Schnellboot umfahren und sind jetzt an Bord der „Sea Watch 3“.

The italian ports are open. Immediate disembarkment for the 47 shipwrecked of Sea-Watch

Thanks to the initiative of civil society, the city of Syracuse and its mayor Francesco Italia, it is clear to all that the territorial waters and the Italian ports are not “closed” at all – as some government propaganda had repeatedly suggested in recent months like a broken record. Instead, they are open routes of humanity. It could not be otherwise according to maritime, international and Italian law.

Massen-Push-Back Italiens nach Libyen am Sonntag: MSF Meldungen

AP just made tweets and a Facebook post following MSF’s information: „Pregnant women, babies, and children under 7 were among those who disembarked in #Misrata and #Khoms. A 15-year old boy died following disembarkation, despite MSF’s urgent response. All sought safety in #Europe, and all have now been thrown back into arbitrary detention.“

Push-Back nach Libyen unter persönlicher Regie des italienischen Premierministers

In seltener Eindeutigkeit beschreibt die italienische Tageszeitung „Corriere della Sera“ am 22.01.2019, dass am vergangenen Sonntag dem 20.01.2019 der italienische Premierminister Giuseppe Conte höchstpersönlich die „Regie“ bei der Seenotrettung und dem Push-Back nach Libyen übernommen hat, als das Alarmphone den gesamten Tag über zu einem Flüchtlingsboot in Seenot Kontakt hielt und durchgängig zur Seenotrettung aufrief.