Around 200 refugees (such a paradoxical name when we are referring to people without asylum) have approached the border between Bosnia and Croatia to call for a solution to their situation.

Winter rain and cold have arrived and around 1000 people are still at Velika Kladusa, Bosnian village bordering the European Union, awaiting a solution to their situation. We are talking about people who flee the war and persecution to whom nobody gives a solution of asylum.

People beaten and humiliated by Croatian forces when they are found trying to reach Europe; people who have only been offered an open field in this village, field which gets flooded every time it rains. These hundreds of people are exhausted due to this situation, terrified by the harsh cold which is arriving, and they have decided to speak out.

Last June it was the last time they demonstrated, and although it was a peaceful demonstration, the media and Croatian authorities exaggerated the situation, resulting in border reinforcement with more police officers. Today, helicopters don’t stop and there is a massive police deployment.

Enough Is Enough | 23.10.2018

Protests against #EU border regime at Bosnian/Croatian border