Zwei Boote drohen vor Lesbos zu sinken, die griechische Kuestenwache ist da, rettet aber nicht. Alarm Phone unterstuetzt die Leute und versucht oeffentlichen Druck aufzubauche. Hier die AP Tweets, mit einigen erschreckenden Bildern.

Case 1:
++ Urgent: Boat at risk of sinking near Greece! ++
We were alerted by 35-38 people from Afghanistan & African countries on a boat in severe distress in Greek waters near Lesvos. The Greek coastguard is in sight but not rescuing – we call on you to carry out your duty to rescue!

Moments ago, the people in distress told us that they cannot last much longer. They are in panic as water is entering their boat. The Greek coastguard has still not come to their rescue although they are nearby.
@HCoastGuard, stop watching! Rescue them to Greece immediately!

The people just told us they are at sea now for over 15 hours! Some of the children have fainted & need urgent medical assistance. The people are asking for water for the children. The Greek coastguard is still not rescuing. Rescue them now before it is too late!


Case 2:
SOS! 2nd boat in Aegean not rescued!
About 35 people on a 2nd boat are in panic in Greek waters near Lesvos. They say: „Greek boats are here but haven’t rescued us. Is it because we are black? We demand from Europe to rescue us. We have kids & babies on board.“ #BlackLivesMatter


Dringlich: Boote vor Lesbos brauchen Rettung