Eritrean refugees have escaped from Al Furhaji Sebha where they were being starved. Police shot, one is badly injured. They are lost in the streets of Tripoli at risk of being kidnapped, detained or sold again.They need temporary accommodation & evacuation @UNHCRLibya @IOM_Libya

— Giulia Tranchina (@GiuliaRastajuly) November 9, 2018

by Martin Plaut. Source: Giulia Tranchina

This morning the Eritrean refugees in Al Furhaji Sebha, after 3 days with no food (and months of near starvation), rebelled and managed to force their way out of the centre. The police shot at them and one boy got shot. They have escaped and are now in the streets of Tripoli trying to reach UNHCR LIBYA offices. They are hungry, scared and desperate. They are at high risk of being kidnapped and detained again, or sold by traffickers. They need safe temporary accommodation and urgent evacuation. Please amend any emails to UNHCR Libya and IOM Libya and Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to ask them to urgently help this group of vulnerable and desperate refugees, provide them with food and a safe roof for the night and immediate evacuation from Libya. #GetThemOut!

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Eritrean refugees on the run after escaping from Libyan camp