Pushback policies and practice in Council of Europe member States

The Assembly urges Frontex to strengthen its internal reporting mechanism on human rights violations occurring during Frontex-led or co-ordinated operations. In case of violations of human rights or international protection obligations that are serious or likely to persist, the agency’s Executive Director should suspend or terminate such operations, in line with Article 25(4) of Regulation (EU) 2016/1624 of 14 September 2016 on the European Border and Coast Guard. Reiterating the Frontex Consultative Forum’s recommendation, the Parliamentary Assembly urges Frontex to immediately suspend its operations at the Hungarian–Serbian border in light of the systematic violations of human rights in the transit zones as confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights in its judgment Ilias and Ahmed v. Hungary.

Resolution 2299 (2019) der Parlamentarischen Versammlung des Europarats (PACE), Provisional version

PACE: Resolution zu den Menschenrechtsverletzungen bei Frontex-Einsätzen