Food delivery has become a multibillion-euro business. But competition has squeezed pay for couriers, prompting some to take advantage of the most desperate of job seekers.

In France, where food delivery is a booming trend, some couriers who are registered on delivery apps are renting out their accounts. The substitute cyclists are often illegal migrants, asylum seekers and underage teenagers, according to French labor and humanitarian groups, some companies, and interviews with more than a dozen riders and migrants.

„As migrants continue to flee Africa and the Middle East, France has a growing population of asylum seekers who can’t be employed while the government reviews their cases. Migrants interviewed by The Times for this article said that they needed work, and that riding a bike, even on precarious terms, was better than more nefarious ways of making money like selling drugs.“

NYT | 17.06.2019

„Food app couriers exploit migrants in France“