La Stampa meldet, dass die hochbewaffneten Truppen der Nachbarstadt Misrata nach Tripolis eingerückt sind und die Umgebung des Flughafens erobert haben. Die Intervention erfolgte in Abstimmung mit der sog. libyschen Einheitsregierung Serrajs und mit der italienischen Regierung. Angesichts der bedrohlichen Lage haben sich die Aufständischen zurückgezogen. Im Moment soll eine prekäre Ruhe herrschen. Bekannte von Geflüchteten aus Tripolis berichten:

Over the past week, the situation for refugees and migrants detained and stranded in Tripoli, Libya has deteriorated due to the escalating violent conflict. Now, some 8,000 refugees and migrants say they have been abandoned by the international community and are in urgent need of protection, food and medical care.

This situation deserves as much attention and anger as the slave trade videos brought. Listen to the sound link below to hear just some seconds of what these people are living. This is the result of a global racist border regime, of European historic and current policies of imperialism and colonialism. This is a situation created by the mainstream political parties, NOT by the extreme right. Three different groups of refugees — together composing almost 1,000 people — have been in contact with free lance journalist Sally Hayden over the past few days. See:

Extracts from what they’ve reported:  – At least six people have died of starvation in the last week. – Guards have fled the detention centers due to the fighting and refugees are at risk of being picked up by armed groups and/or traffickers. – One group of refugees appear to have been taken by a militia and are being forced to clean weapons, as well as starved. Another group are sleeping on the streets and trying to avoid traffickers/fighting. A third group disappeared after being taken by suspected traffickers. All of these people are among tens of thousands who tried to cross to Italy since February, 2017, and were intercepted by the EU-based Libyan coastguard and forced back to these detention centers where they are now at risk of starvation and death. This is our tax money. Open the fucking borders.
La Stampa:

La quiete (apparente) dopo la tempesta. Dopo giorni di combattimenti, in particolare nella zona Sud di Tripoli, il consiglio presidenziale libico ha dato il via libera alla Forza anti-terrorismo di Misurata, guidata dal generale Mohammed Al Zein, di entrare nella capitale per imporre un nuovo cessate il fuoco.  I veterani di Bunyan al-Marsous (Bam), la cabina di regia militare che ha sconfitto lo Stato islamico a Sirte, erano stati allertati da alcuni giorni, ma le autorità di Tripoli speravano nel negoziato. Dinanzi al precipitare degli eventi tra domenica e lunedì la Forza è stata attivata d’urgenza dal presidente Fayez al-Sarraj e dal suo vice Ahmed Maetig (lui stesso di Misurata). Così nella notte un primo convoglio di 300 veicoli, pick-up e blindati, ha fatto il suo ingresso nella capitale, seguito da altri 300 (compresi cingolati) nel giro di qualche ora. Gli specialisti dell’anti-terrorismo si sono insediati attorno all’aeroporto internazionale di Mitiga, 8 km ad Est dal centro di Tripoli, cercando di riattivare lo scalo e pronti a convergere verso Sud in caso di necessità. […]

Geflüchtete in Tripolis umherirrend und in großer Not