About a month ago we [Alarmphone] sent an open letter to the authorities, and as you can expect we have not received any response.

Since then, many families and relatives got in touch with Alarm Phone, desperately looking for their loved ones. Together with them, we tried to reconstruct what happened, and we tried to clarify the uncertainties we had. Talking to families and friends was heartbreaking because we were unable to give them any clear answers. After collecting all their testimonies, however, we are almost sure that a shipwreck has happened that day.

Relatives and friends also shared with us pictures and names of 13 missing people, but we agreed not to publish them. We will keep on searching, in the hope that if we do not find the missing people, we will at least be able to find a clear answer about what happened to them.

Here the report we just published about it, summarising our findings:

Invisible Shipwreck off Libya: Authorities remain silent, but relatives speak up

Twitter thread:

Libya: Invisible shipwreck of the 9th of February – AP