The Libyan military headquarter in Tripoli published a photo of training inititive of the so called Libyan coastgard, financed by Italy and the EU. The photo shows the chiefs of the renewed training initiative: There we can see „Biji“ (Abdurahman al-Milad) listed under U.N. sanction measures and wanted by Interpol. Also others of the same militia are on board of the renewed training initiative. A lot of boat-people identified „Biji“ as a monster who shot directly against detainees and boat-people. He and his group is not only responsible for detention centers, but for the surveillance of the Italian-Libyan petroleum installations at the coast. „In the night“, writes the newspaper Avvenire, they smuggle petroleum with connections in Malta and in Sicily, and further they smuggle migrants, refugees and weapons.

„Avvenire“ writes that this group is an important pillar of the GNA coalition in the coming elections.


Libya: rehabilitation of militia chiefs – detention camps, coastgard, smuggle of petroleum and weapons