Ein am Dienstag veröffentlichter UN-Bericht nennt fünf bewaffnete Formationen aus dem Sudan und vier aus dem Tschad, die sich mit mehreren tausend Kämpfern auf beiden Seiten am Krieg in Libyen beteiligt haben. Die russischen Wagner-Einheiten seien aufgrund des Redaktionsschlusses inder Untersuchung nicht erwähnt.

A summary of the report, seen by AFP news agency, said Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have regularly supported Haftar’s forces with Turkey backing the GNA in violation of a UN arms embargo imposed on Libya since 2011.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday his country was ready to send troops to Libya in support of the GNA if Tripoli requested it.

The UN report noted that military materials made by the United States, Russia and China appear to be in use in the conflict, but do not appear to have been supplied by any of those countries directly.

„Both parties to the conflict received weapons and military equipment, technical support and non-Libyan fighters in non-compliance with the sanctions measures related to arms,“ the report said. […]

UN investigators said in the 376-page report that counterterrorism operations in Libya against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) and al-Qaeda members by the government and Haftar’s forces continue to disrupt both armed groups and reduced their capacity to conduct operations. […]

„ISIL in Libya finances its activities through robbery, kidnap for ransom, extortion of Libyan citizens and the cross-border smuggling of artefacts and other commodities,“ the report said.

„Taxation of human trafficking networks continues to be a source of funding for ISIL in Libya.“

Al Jazeera | 11.12.2019

Libyen: Bewaffnete Gruppen aus Sudan und Tschad