Das Internierungslager Qasr Ben Ghashir in Tripolis, in dem 980 Migrant*innen festgehalten wurden, wurde von Truppen Haftars überrannt. Zwei Migrant*innen wurden erschossen, zahlreiche verletzt, meldet „Times of Malta“. Die Milizen beider Fronten versuchen, Migranten als Fremdenlegionäre zwangsweise zu rekrutieren. Viele Internierten des Lagers erlitten als Boat-people zuvor Push-Backs auf See durch libysche Küsten(wachen)-Milizen, die von EU-Staaten finanziert, geschult und zum Refoulement angeleitet werden.

Am Abend des 24.04.2019 meldet UNHCR, dass die UN-Agenturen 325 Migrant*innen aus dem Lager Qasr Ben Ghashir in ein Lager in Zawiya transferiert haben, weitere 12 wurden in Krankenhäuser verbracht.

Watch: Two dead, 19 injured in Libya detention centre attack

UNHCR appeals for help with evacuation

Two migrants were killed and around 19 people were injured when a detention centre in Tripoli was attacked by gunmen, according to reports. The victims, housed in the Qasr Ben Ghashir detention centre hosting some 980 migrants, appears to have been caught up in a Tripoli battle which is spiralling out of control, Times of Malta is informed.

In a statement, the UNHCR said the situation is still fluid and details about what sparked a group of gunmen to charge into the centre and open fire on asylum seekers is still unknown. However, reports say two people were killed in the shooting. […]

Libyan fighters loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) run as they fire their guns during clashes with forces loyal to strongman Khalifa Haftar.

It is a densely populated area which, along with places like Aziziya and Ayn Zara has have seen fierce fighting, including the use of missiles targeting residential neighbourhoods.

„The detention centre is very close to the fighting and migrants are caught up in a conflict where the frontlines keep changing. This makes the situation even more precarious for the migrants stuck inside,“ he said.

„For a number of days now there have been rumours that some migrants have been forced to fight. This is still unverified but in a war where both sides of the conflict have recruited foreign (sub-Saharan) mercenaries it’s easy for information like this to lead to the targeting of a recognisable facility such as Gasr Ben Gashir.“ […]

Times of Malta | 23.04.2019


Il video. Libia, due migranti uccisi in assalto di combattenti a centro di detenzione

[…] Le nuove immagini che arrivano dal centro di detenzione di Ben Gassim sono drammatiche. I filmati e le testimonianza non lasciano spazio a dubbi. La fatiscente prigione governativa per migranti è stata abbandonata dai sorveglianti e nella giornata di martedì 23 aprile nel centro sono piombati uomini armati che hanno detto di appartenere all’Lna, l’esercito del generale Haftar che dunque controllerebbe il quartiere di Tripoli nel quale si trova il campo. […]

Alcuni uomini vengono mostrati con le gambe spappolate dai proiettili, mentre alcuni compagni di prigione tentano di fermare l’emorragia con stracci.

Altre immagini, che come le precedenti abbiamo scelto di non mostrarvi, mostrano corpi senza vita crivellati da diversi colpi. “Vi supplichiamo, aiutateci, portateci via da qui”, dicono implorando un intervento urgente. Ma fino ad ora nessuno è riuscito a salvarli.

Avvenire | 24.04.2019


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has today evacuated some 325 refugees from the Qaser Ben Gasheer detention centre in southern Tripoli amid deteriorating security and escalating violence. The relocation, carried out together with IOM, was triggered by reports on Tuesday of the use of armed violence against detainees who were protesting the conditions in which they were being held, with gunshots reported to have been fired in the air. While there were no bullet wounds, 12 refugees endured physical attacks that required hospital treatment.

“The dangers for refugees and migrants in Tripoli have never been greater than they are at present,” said Matthew Brook, UNHCR Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya. “It is vital that refugees in danger can be released and evacuated to safety.” The refugees have been transferred to the Azzawya detention centre, where they are at reduced risk of being caught up in the hostilities. […]

UNHCR | 24.04.2019


Footage shows refugees hiding as Libyan militia attack detention centre

At least two people reportedly killed in shooting at Qasr bin Ghashir facility near Tripoli

Young refugees held in a detention centre in Libya have described being shot at indiscriminately by militias advancing on Tripoli, in an attack that reportedly left at least two people dead and up to 20 injured.

Phone footage smuggled out of the camp and passed to the Guardian highlights the deepening humanitarian crisis in the centres set up to prevent refugees and migrants from making the sea crossing from the north African coast to Europe.

The footage shows people cowering in terror in the corners of a hangar while gunshots can be heard and others who appear to have been wounded lying on makeshift stretchers.

The shooting on Tuesday at the Qasr bin Ghashir detention centre, 12 miles (20km) south of Tripoli, is thought to be the first time a militia has raided such a building and opened fire. […]

The Guardian | 25.04.2019

Libysches Lager im Krieg: 2 internierte Migranten erschossen