Seit im Juli 800 Menschen den Zaun zur spanischen Enklave Ceuta gestürmt haben, führt die marokkanische Polizei regelmäßig Razzien in Gegenden durch, die bei Migrant*innen aus anderen Teilen Afrikas beliebt sind, und hat schon Tausende mit Bussen ans andere Ende des Landes gebracht.

[…] “We were arrested in our houses early in the morning in late August, taken for identification at a police station and then handcuffed and forced into a bus,” said Aliou, a Guinean national, asking like others not to use his full name.

He had to leave all his belongings in his rented apartment in Tangier. “We were given just one sandwich on the 10-hour trip before being abandoned near the city of Tiznit,” he said.

Six days later he and other migrants managed to return to the forest near Tangier but they expect authorities to come back any time in what migrants call a “black man hunt”, because it excludes Moroccans and Syrians who also try to cross to Spain.

At a much larger makeshift camp opposite the bus station of commercial hub Casablanca, some 300 km south of Tangier, people said they were on their way back north after being bussed south.

Mamadou, a young man from Cameroon who came via Algeria, said he had tried to scale the Ceuta fence in July, but had hurt his leg. He was bussed to the southern city of Agadir, but scraped together enough money for a bus ticket to Casablanca.

“Now, I will stay here until I get a ticket to go back to the north to pursue my dream of reaching Europe,” he said inside a tent made of remnants of wooden boxes and blankets. […]

Reuters | 19.09.2018

„Morocco plays cat and mouse with Africans headed to Europe“