Der Bericht in der NYT vom 16.03.20 spricht von einer „1,600-mile barrier begun four years ago by Pakistan’s military and set to be completed this year.“

Pakistan had long considered a border barrier. But construction began in earnest in 2016, after costly army offensives to push many militants out of the country’s tribal areas and into Afghanistan.
Some 800 miles of the $450 million fence are now complete and more than 1,000 border forts are being built, according to a statement from the Pakistani military’s information wing. The route takes it through forbidding mountains where rockfalls, avalanches and landslides cause constant damage.
The vast majority of the work has been out of view of the public or other governments. One senior Pakistani security official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the public, said, “It’s a herculean task because of the terrain up there.”


„Pakistan Builds Border Fence, Limiting Militants and Families Alike“