In June this year we have launched the Push-Back Map, documenting and denouncing the state practice of push-back, denying the freedom of movement, protection and dignity for everyone crossing borders into and within the EU.

The map aims to archive and visualise these systematic and violent state practices since the closure of the Balkan Corridor in March 2016. The EU border regime continues to forcedly send thousands back across its internal and external borders, constantly re-writing and contradicting its own legal frameworks, Often, camps are set up to contain, deter and despair those looking for safety and a better future.

The data on the map is growing, yet it is still far from representing the actual scale of push-backs. As push-backs are happening on a daily basis, the violence of these acts are normalised, the individual cases are uncountable and EU member states are no longer afraid to acknowledge it. The Croatian president admitted in the beginning of July that border guards are using “a little bit of force” to protect the state border.

Nonetheless, individuals, groups, organisations and collectives remain committed to document and listen to each and every person’s story of struggle, violence but also determination to move on and push forward their own fights. It is their struggles and endless efforts we want to shed a light on with a short overview over the recent happenings at Europe’s various borders and the increase of reports in different areas. […]




Push Back Map | Dezember 2019

„Push-Backs throughout Europe’s borders“