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Alarmphone | 12.12.2017

Alarm Phone Six Week Report, 30 October – 10 December 2017

+++3,081 counted fatalities at sea +++ Increased returns to Libya and documented mass enslavement +++ Unprecedented movements from Morocco to Spain +++ General developments in the Central Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, and Western Mediterranean +++ Summaries of all Alarm Phone distress cases

Over the past six weeks, the period that this report covers, we have again witnessed significant developments in all three regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Off the coast of Libya, the spectacle of migrant interception has taken on a new dimension. In the presence of EU military actors, thousands of people on the move are captured by EU-financed Libyan authorities and abducted back to Libya where they face systematic forms of torture, rape, and enslavement. The crews of non-governmental humanitarians, while present at the scene and able to bring these people to safety, are prevented from intervening. Interceptions also occur in both the Eastern and Western Mediterranean contexts. In the Aegean Sea, those who escape Turkey’s intercepting authorities and survive the crossing, face inhumane reception conditions in Greek-European detention facilities. With winter approaching, the situation worsens and once again Europe has produced a humanitarian crisis and widespread migrant suffering. The Greek government, blackmailed by the EU, accepts that people freeze to death in tents, rather than allowing them to travel on to mainland Europe. In the Western Mediterranean region, we witnessed unprecedented movements – the arrival of about 3,900 people in Spain in November alone constitutes a new record, never was a higher number of arrivals recorded in a single month.

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Alarm Phone – Against fingerprints

‘Solidarity Messages for those in Transit’ is a video project that emerged through the WatchTheMed Alarm Phone network. It aims to reach travellers along their migratory trajectories, in order to support them when they navigate the many border obstacles and traps that the EU and its member states have erected in their paths. Through the videos, survivors of the border regime who reached their desired destinations and people still on the move, speak directly to the many thousands who are forced onto dangerous migration routes or into inhumane conditions in Libya and elsewhere, to those who risk their lives when escaping via the sea, and to those who face oppression and the threat of forced deportation after arriving in Europe. The videos were shot in Germany and Italy, and share the insights of several people who survived the EU border regime and continue to resist it. Based on their lived experiences, they offer information, warnings, support and encouragement. Some of the videos’ themes include ‘Safety at Sea’, ‘Fingerprints and the Dublin Regulation’, ‘Warnings against Frontex’ and ‘Asylum and Detention’. The first three videos about the fingerprint issue have been released in Somali, Amharic and Tigrinya, with English as the subtitle. While we face a time of repression in the aftermath of the long summer of migration, there are still cracks in the system and we hope that these videos will be spread widely, moving alongside those who travel on despite Europe’s desire to deter.

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Alarmphone | 01.11.2017

Alarm Phone 8 week report, September 4 – October 29, 2017

+++ EU intensifies border collaborations with Northern African governments +++ Alarm Phone resistance and political campaigns +++ New Harraga Movement from Tunisia +++ Developments in the Central Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, Western Mediterranean, and Black Sea +++ Summaries of Alarm Phone distress cases from all three Mediterranean regions

Over the past 8 weeks we continued to witness the EU’s violent attempts to thwart sea migration in cooperation with third country allies. In (Northern) African and Turkish transit spaces, the situation remains precarious and dangerous for hundreds of thousands of migrants stuck there. In Libya, the situation is constantly deteriorating, not least due to escalating conflicts in particular in Sabratha, a nodal point for migrant journeys.[1] Also in Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria, reinforced migrant deterrent or containment practices have been reported, a consequence of EU and member states’ border externalisation strategies.[2] The newest addition to a long list of agreements is a deal signed between Germany and Egypt, where both governments agree to fight smuggling networks and irregular migration in Egypt as well as to continue cooperation in border control.[3] Meanwhile, the European Parliament approved plans to create an automatic entry-exit-system that will require all non-EU citizens to provide biometric photos and fingerprints when they enter the Schengen area.[4] This will further increase the huge amount of data the EU collects on foreign travellers, allow to monitor visa overstayers, and make it more difficult for people without a valid visa to avoid border controls. As legal routes to the EU remain largely absent, this will only increase the likelihood that people will risk embarking on dangerous sea journeys.

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Video giving safety advises, for people planing to cross from Tunisia

„Poor, but not desperate. A lot of them try to cross the Med again and again, risking their lives and convinced that this is the only possibility to have a future“, said an Tunisian activist from the Alarm Phone association of Watch the Med.


Reuters | 18.10.2017

Smugglers offer new routes to Europe for jobless Tunisians

Tunisian smugglers are offering migrants seeking a fresh start in Europe a new route from Africa to Italy

Thousands have made the dangerous 300 km journey between Libya and the Italian island of Lampedusa this year and hundreds more are thought to have died trying to crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach European shores.

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Das Alarm Phone nach 3 Jahren widerständigen Handelns im Mittelmeer

Maurice Stierl

Am 25. Juni 2017 erreichte das Schichtteam des Alarm Phones, wie schon so oft zuvor, eine Nachricht von Pater Mussie Zerai. Er war von einem Boot in Seenot mit etwa 100 Menschen an Bord alarmiert worden. Sie waren in Al-Khums, in Libyen, aufgebrochen und befanden sich zu diesem Zeitpunkt außerhalb der Einsatzzone der humanitären NGOs. Obwohl wir das Boot immer wieder anzurufen versuchten, war es uns nicht möglich, direkten Kontakt herzustellen. Aber wir konnten Guthaben auf das Satellitentelefon der Reisenden laden, um sicherzustellen, dass sie weiterhin von sich aus telefonieren können würden. Da wir ihr beständig sinkendes Guthaben einsehen konnten, wussten wir, dass sie dieses auch kontinuierlich taten. Wir informierten die italienische Leitstelle für Seenotrettung (MRCC) in Rom. Außerdem kontaktierten wir die Moonbird, die zivile Luftaufklärungsmission, die von der NGO Sea Watch und der Humanitarian Pilots Initiative (HPI) ins Leben gerufen worden war. Wir übermittelten ihnen die GPS Koordinaten des Bootes und sie bestätigten, das Gebiet abzusuchen. Wenig später hob das Leichtflugzeug der NGOs ab, entdeckte schließlich das Boot und leitete die aktuelle Position an uns und die italienischen Behörden weiter. Wir erhielten die Rettungsbestätigung ein paar Stunden später.

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medico international

Filmvorführung mit anschließender Diskussion in drei verschiedenen Städten

Der Film „Stop the boats“ dokumentiert, wie ein Boot mit 65 Flüchtlingen – vorwiegend TamilInnen aus Sri Lanka – im Mai 2015 auf dem Weg nach Neuseeland auf hoher See von der australischen Küstenwache aufgebracht wird.

Die Flüchtlinge werden in marode Boote verfrachtet und bewusst in Seenot gebracht, bevor man sie schließlich auf einer Pazifikinsel interniert. Im Lager werden sie von VertreterInnen der Internationalen Organisation für Migration (IOM) dazu genötigt, einer Rückkehr in ihre Herkunftsländer zuzustimmen, was einige auch tun.

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Alarm Phone | 07.09.2017

Deterrence no matter what – Europe escalates its War on Migrants

Exactly two years ago, thousands of travellers opened the Balkan corridor by launching the ‘March of Hope’. Enacting their freedom to move, they crossed several borders, reached their desired places of arrival, and thereby broke the European border regime during this historic summer of migration. We as the Alarm Phone worked around the clock to support those crossing into Europe by boat from Turkey, Libya, Morocco and elsewhere. Many others assisted along the Balkan route, and the new brochure by Moving Europe – ‘Still Moving Europe, Resistance along the Balkan Route’ – gives an account of that extraordinary time.[1] Also in response to these unauthorised movements, the EU and member states have sought to establish ever-more violent obstacles, and following the EU-Turkey deal of March 2016, they have focused their energies even more on Libya. The drastic consequences are currently becoming more visible than ever before.

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Alarmphone | 01.09.2017

Yesterday, 31st of August, the Alarm Phone was in contact with a boat in distress with 38 people on board, among them were 7 women. They left from the town of Assilah, west of the Moroccan coast, at 4 am CET. Their engine soon stopped working and they began drifting southerly. The passengers asked us to inform the Spanish Salvamento Marítimo at 11am. Less than one hour later the situation in the boat was so bad that the passengers asked the Alarm Phone to inform the Moroccan Marine Royale. We did so at 11:45 am. Neither the Moroccan nor the Spanish rescue authorities reacted, even though the passengers were in a high level of distress and a GPS position for the boat was available.

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nd | 11.08.2017

Denunziert von Wachleuten mit Kontakt zu »Identitären«/ Behörden werfen dem Priester Beihilfe zur »illegale Einwanderung« vor

Im sizilianischen Trapani wird italienischen Medienberichten zufolge gegen den eritreischen Priester Don Mussie Zerai ermittelt. Der Mann, der seit Jahren in Italien lebt, wird beschuldigt, die »illegale Einwanderung« begünstigt zu haben. »Don Moses«, wie er von den Flüchtlingen genannt wird, war vor zwei Jahren Kandidat für den Friedensnobelpreis – eben weil er Migranten hilft. Die Staatsanwaltschaft bestätigte die Berichte am Donnerstag auf Anfrage zunächst nicht.

Wie schon beim Fall der deutschen NGO Jugend Rettet scheinen die Anschuldigungen gegen den katholischen Priester auch dieses Mal von zwei Wachleuten auszugehen, die auf einem Schiff der Hilfsorganisation Save the Children arbeiten. Die beiden, das haben die Ermittlungen bereits ergeben, haben wohl Kontakte zur rechtsextremen Identitären Bewegung. Diese haben es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Europa gegen die angebliche »Flüchtlingsinvasion« zu verteidigen. Sie sollen ausgesagt haben, dass Don Zerai gemeinsame Sache mit Schleuserbanden macht und mit ihnen in irgendwelchen »geheimen Internetchats« Informationen austauscht. »Alles Verleumdungen«, wies Mussie Zerai am Mittwoch die Vorwürfe zurück.

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Alarmphone | 27.07.2017

When the world’s attention was grabbed by the G20 spectacle in Hamburg in early July, where those came together who are responsible for many current wars and conflicts in the world that prompt millions to flee, and who create and maintain barriers to the free movement of the world’s poor while reinforcing neo-liberal forms of capitalist exploitation, hardly anyone noticed some of the devastating consequences of their policies: the ongoing mass dying in the Mediterranean Sea.

On the 17th or 18th of June, more than 120 travellers are feared to have died in a shipwreck off the coast of Libya, with only a few survivors.[1] On the 4th of July, we learned about one of the largest recorded shipwrecks in the Western Mediterranean Sea. After drifting at sea for several days, up to 49 travellers seem to have drowned on their way to Spain, with only three survivors.[2] On the 7th of July, the NGO Sea-Watch found the remains of a capsized rubber boat, stating that ‘nobody can or wants to imagine the story behind it’.[3] One day later, on the 8th of July, at least 35 people, including seven children, seem to have drowned in the Central Mediterranean, when their boat sank off the coast of Libya. Fishermen rescued 85 people.[4] This year’s official death count stands at 2365 fatalities at sea.[5] These 2365 individuals lost their lives because of the bordered state of the world. Hegemonic governments, including those of the EU, profit from both the creation of unlivable living conditions in many parts of the world and the simultaneous criminalisation and deterrence of precarious travellers.

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