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Alarm Phone | 12.06.2018

Alarm Phone 6 Week Report, 30 April – 10 June 2018

+++ 784 counted Deaths at Sea in 2018 +++ New Italian Government escalates Situation at Sea +++ Palermo Charter process toward Corridors of Solidarity +++ Remarkable Rise in Boat-Migration between Morocco and Spain +++ New ‘Mare Liberum’ Counter-Surveillance project in the Aegean +++ Developments in all three Mediterranean regions +++ Summaries of 58 Alarm Phone distress cases


Since October 2014, when we launched the Alarm Phone project, we have worked on more than 2,000 emergency cases at sea – 2,054 to be precise. In the Aegean Sea, we dealt with 1,582 cases, in the Western Mediterranean with 279, and in the Central Mediterranean with 193. When we speak of distress cases, we speak of boats whose passengers find themselves in life-threatening situations. In some situations, we tried to support groups of five, in others groups of five hundred. Looking back, nobody in our project could have predicted such high number of distress situations, and nobody would have liked to see them go into the thousands. Over the past six weeks alone, we had 58 cases, most of which took place in the Western Mediterranean. That we are still called from all three regions of the Mediterranean and have to listen to people in acute distress is not a reason to celebrate. Some of them did not make it to Europe. They were pushed-back by European forces, intercepted by Europe’s allies, or they drowned in their attempt to find a better place for them to live. Even those who survived are marked by the often-harrowing experiences they made, at sea and before, during their often lengthy journeys of escape. When we launched the hotline, we made clear that we did not see it as a solution to migrant death at sea – the only real solution would be a radical change in the ways in which Europe governs its borders. Now, three-and-a-half years later, we still raise the same demands as the dying the Mediterranean continues.

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Alarmphone | 04.06.2018

Yesterday, in a short statement, we condemned the violence of EU borders that had led to the death of dozens of precarious travellers in the Aegean Sea, and in the Central Mediterranean. Now, after a weekend in which we were involved in various distress cases, we want to highlight the devastation that has taken place in all three regions of the Mediterranean Sea over the last three days.

Off Tunisia, following yesterday’s shipwreck, the death toll has increased to over 50, and more can be presumed to have died, as many remain missing.

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Alarmphone | 06.05.2018

We stand in solidarity with the five rescuers who face a court case on Lesvos, Greece, tomorrow. They have been saving lives at sea and for this, they are facing charges of human trafficking with high prison sentences, instead of being honoured for the tremendous work they have done.

They appear before the court on Monday 7th of May, in Mytilene, Lesvos, and the proceedings will conclude on Wednesday. Accused are three fire-fighters from Spain, of the organisation Proem-Aid, also Salam Aldeen, and another person from Team Humanity. All of them arrived in Lesvos in late 2015 to do sea rescue, a time when arrivals were at there highest, and they were arrested on the 14th of January 2016 after returning from a search-mission at sea. Salam Aldeen, one of the accused, has been prevented from leaving Greece for many months and during this time has continued his support for those who suffer from the EU-borders on the shore. The boat of Team Humanity remained confiscated.

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Alarmphone | 03.05.2018

+++ 587 Deaths at Sea in 2018 +++ Alarm Phone Actions and Campaigns +++ Situation in the Western Mediterranean, Central Mediterranean, and Aegean Sea +++ Summaries of 40 Alarm Phone distress cases


Over the past six weeks, the period of time covered in this report, we have once again witnessed devastating violence in the Mediterranean. Dozens have drowned and many have gone missing. Hundreds were returned to places they tried to escape from, back into conditions of suffering. We are nearing 600 deaths this year, while the overall number of arrivals has dramatically decreased. In the meantime, the criminalisation of non-governmental rescuers continues. In the overview of the different Mediterranean regions, we will elaborate in some greater detail on these disheartening processes of deterrence, forcible return, and criminalisation. This first part will begin, however, with the political campaigns that the Alarm Phone has been involved in over the past six weeks, showing that Europe will not be allowed to foster its murderous regime without contestation.

Migrant boats still reach Europe. Over the past six weeks, the Alarm Phone has engaged in 40 emergency cases, all of which took place in the Western and Eastern Mediterranean – with 9 cases coming from Morocco and 31 from Turkey. This is not surprising if we look at the overall numbers – with over 2,900 people arriving on the Aegean islands only in April, we have the highest figure per month so far this year, and with over 4,300 arrivals to Spain this year, sea-migration continuous in relatively high numbers also in the Western Mediterranean. Besides supporting travellers at sea through our 24/7 emergency hotline, we have engaged in several political campaigns and actions.

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The NewArab | 10.04.2018

Stories of women struggling across sea borders are rarely heard

Marta Bellingreri

Destinity wanted to cross the Italian-French border in the Alps in hopes of safely reaching France to seek asylum and better care. She was pregnant and sick.

The French police found Destinity and her husband at the crossing, but they were pushed back and left in Bardonecchia, an Italian town in the city of Turin, well-known for skiing tourists. Heavily pregnant Destinity was abandoned in a snowy town near the Alps border during one of the coldest winters in Europe. She then spent a month at a hospital close to Turin where she gave birth to a baby weighing less than two pounds. The day after, Destinity died.

March 22, 2018 marked yet another tragic day for the European border regime. Destinity’s story may be one of the latest, but it definitely is not the first of its kind. An insightful report, written by the members of the international collective Watch the Med Alarm Phone (WTM-AP), highlighted voices and stories of women from different nationalities and continents who have struggled across sea and borders.

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Watch The Med Alarmphone | 11.04.2018

On Monday in Zarzis, Tunisia, 100 people demonstrated against the ongoing deaths and disappearances at sea caused by the lethal migration policies of the EU as well as the criminalisation of Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean. Fishermen, human rights defenders and members of civil society, surrounded the port on 5 boats in order to express their anger and to affirm the dignity of all.

Zarzis is a daily witness of the violence of the EU border regime. It hosts the ‚cemetery of the unknown‘ with the bodies of those who are found but never identified on the shores around the town. The fishermen are at the forefront of the migration tragedy. They suffer from the distress of being confronted with the many bodies which get caught in their nets out at sea.

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Demonstration in Zarzis, Tunesien

ANSAmed | 09.04.2018

TUNISI – Al porto di Zarzis, città tunisina testimone della tragedia migratoria, si terrà stamane una manifestazione per ricordare all’opinione pubblica che migliaia di persone, tra cui molti tunisini, continuano a morire nel Mediterraneo nel tentativo di raggiungere l’Europa. Ad organizzarla l’associazione ‚Il Pescatore per lo Sviluppo e l’Ambiente‘ di Zarzis e l’Alarmphone Tunis di Watch The Med, un progetto creato nell’ottobre del 2014 da reti di attivisti e rappresentanti della società civile in Europa e Nord Africa che ha attivato una linea telefonica diretta e auto organizzata per rifugiati in difficoltà nelle acque del Mar Mediterraneo. Le due associazioni, chiamando a raccolta la società civile tunisina, denunciano in un comunicato la politica di dissuasione, di esternalizzazione delle frontiere e di criminalizzazione delle Ong impegnate nel salvataggio in mare dei migranti da parte dell’Unione europea, che renderebbe le traversate sempre più pericolose e il meccanismo restrittivo della concessione dei visti Schengen, che impedisce in pratica la migrazione legale e sicura. Le due associazioni definiscono il regime delle frontiere europeo come „omicida“.

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Alarmphone | 01.04.2018

A Statement of Solidarity with the Survivors of the Agathonisi Shipwreck and their Relatives

On the 16th of March, two families tried to reach Europe through the Aegean Sea, one from Afghanistan, one from Iraq. They left Turkey and swiftly moved toward the Greek island of Agathonisi. But shortly before reaching it, they capsized. A relative of the Afghan family on Samos Island notified the authorities repeatedly, via phone and in person. At that point, many of the shipwrecked could have still been rescued. According to the survivors, they stayed afloat for several hours, waiting for help. But a Search and Rescue operation was launched only a day later, after local resident had discovered the first bodies, and they could recover merely more dead bodies. Three survivors, a woman from Afghanistan, and a man and a woman from Iraq, had been able to swim ashore and together with Afghan relative they denounced not only the delayed actions of Greek authorities, but also the inaction of an unidentified boat that was in sight of the shipwrecked people but did not come to their rescue.

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Alarmphone | 22.03.2018

Alarm Phone 6 Week Report, 5 February – 18 March 2018

Stories and Struggles of Migrant Women at Sea +++ 458 Deaths at Sea in 2018 +++ Developments in the Central Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, and Aegean Sea +++ Summaries of 25 Alarm Phone distress cases


In April 2017, Sylvie and Joelle wanted to cross the sea to escape their predicament and start a new life in Europe.[1] They did not know one another until they boarded the small rubber boat in Turkey, together with twenty-two others, including two children.  Sylvie was anxious and entered last, handing over her red bag to Joelle who promised to return it after their safe arrival. They departed, but at some point, somewhere in the Aegean Sea, they ran out of fuel and could not continue. Sylvie tried to call for help, but her phone was caught by a large wave. Lost at sea, Joelle, who was in the 8th month pregnant, started to cry and pray for help, but nobody came. The boat capsized, and everybody fell into the water, drifting away from each other. Sylvie and Joelle were separated but Joelle did not give up: “I had a strong feeling of power in me. I don’t even know where this came from, where we fell in the sea there was nothing, no boats, no fishermen, no police, no one.” She was able to stay together with two others, Guilaine and Teddy. They floated in the water throughout the night, trying to stay conscious and together. But at some point, a wave parted them, and Joelle was all alone. Hours later, she suddenly saw a boat approaching. She was taken aboard of the rescue vessel of the NGO Proactiva and brought to land.

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Vimeo | 19.03.2018

Thousand of life-vests in the pond next to the Dutch parliament

  • Vrijheid van migratie voor allen
  • Freedom of movement for all
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