Die zyprische Küstenwache hat am Montag 36 Migranten aus Syrien an Land geholt. In diesem Jahr seien bereits 4022 Asylanträge in Zypern gestellt worden, eine Steigerung vom 55% gegenüber dem gleichen Zeitraum in 2017.

Die meisten Migranten sind über Nordzypern eingereist. Die zyprische Regierung plant, die Flüchtlingsabwehr aufzurüsten.

Crossings from the north

The ministers also decided to bolster surveillance of certain “blind spots” along the buffer zone from where migrants cross from the northern part of the island, occupied by Turkey.

“There will be use of technology, like cameras, but also frequent sea patrols,” the minister said, as quoted by the Cyprus Mail.

The website quotes sources who said last week that there was little the authorities could do about arrivals through the buffer zone as anyone who seeks asylum cannot be turned back.

Nicosia is looking to broker a repatriation agreement with Lebanon as there had been migrant flows recently from that country, the minister said.

Euractiv | 06.09.2018

„Cyprus seeks EU help after spike in migrant arrivals“