Aus den Niederlanden ist ein Flugzeug nach Lesbos gestartet, um Geflüchtete direkt in die Niederlande zu holen. Die Initiative wird von zivilgesellschaftlichen Gruppen getragen. Das Flugzeug wurde im griechischen Luftraum gestoppt und zur Landung in Athen gezwungen. Hier Auszüge aus den Tagesmeldungen:


STATEMENT FROM Let’s Bring Them Here

This morning our team of We Gaan Ze Halen arrived on the island of Lesbos. To our great frustration the plane was taken away from us. Without any form of consultation and based on inadequate information, the Greek government forced us to stop. They expressed that the Dutch government, not we, should apply for relocation, but that is exactly why all those people sent the We Gaan Ze Halen plane: the current Dutch Politica Deal to relocate just a 100 people from the former Moria Camp must be off the table and the Netherlands must relocate a decent part of the people to offer them a procedure in humane circumstances. The support among the Dutch population is enormous. Shelter and financial support are offered by citizens on all sides, it is only political unwillingness that stands in the way of a humane solution.

We conclude that the picture of the plane was too powerful to ignore. We are aware that demonstrating European pain points will never be without risks. The goal of Let’s bring them here is to demonstrate the support for relocation and lend an ear to the real question of the people of former Moria camp. There is a lot of talk recently about sleeping bags and emergency aid in the past weeks, which silenced the call for evacuation, especially after the rapid construction of a new, miserable camp. The only question that was heard from the people of the former Moria camp themselves was evacuation and relocation. And rightly so, we say, supported by a broad and active support base. That is the only humane solution that lies ahead of us.



The plane is set to take off on Monday morning October 5th at 9 o’clock from Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, the NGO wrote to State Secretary Broekers-Knol (Asylum). „The volunteers involved in the We Gaan Ze Halen movement ask you to give your permission for the evacuation of the first 189 refugees from the island of Lesbos to the Netherlands.“ Ultimately, one thousand vulnerable asylum seekers should be welcomed here.

Broekers-Knol informed the action group Friday night that she is simply not allowed to fetch refugees. But the initiators will not be defeated by this, says Johannes van den Akker, resident of the protestant monastery Kleiklooster in Amsterdam and Board Member of We Gaan Ze Halen. 

What will you do, after your arrival Monday, on Lesbos?
„Wait, hope and pray we will get the green light from The Hague to bring people back with us. In the meantime we will reach out to refugees. We have  already sent a letter in all kinds of languages explaining our initiative. On sight we would like to start a conversation to assure them of the following: we do see you, we do not want to look away and we are investigating possibilities to improve your situation.“

Would that not just be getting hopes up? 
„We try to avoid that by being very clear: we intend to bring people back with us, but we do need permission to do so. Otherwise, the plane will go back empty handed. False hope is not created by us, but by those who keep the image alive: we build a new camp, speed up the asylum procedures and everybody will receive a decent procedure. That is just not going to happen, because never before has Europe ever been able to do this. The chances of Moria 2 actually being worse than Moria 1 are immense. We can only break through that situation by exercising an evacuation of refugees from Lesbos.“

Given the point of the view of the government, it seems there is a 100 percent chance the plane will come back empty. 
„I understand your train of thought, but that is not how I see it. We would not leave for Lesbos if we knew we had a 100 percent chance of returning with an empty plane. We will remain full of hope and will continue to ask The Hague to allow us to bring back these 189 people.“

And on what do you base that hope?  
„On the increasing support in society. Tuesday, over 100,000 signatures have been handed over in The Hague from people calling out to take 500 children from the Greek refugee camps into the Netherlands. More than half of the municipalities agreed to contribute to help and after-care. Something is shifting in society. Which has to lead to a change in political The Hague.“

People have raised 47,250 Euro to sponsor airplane seats. You could also have used that money to improve the living conditions on Lesbos.
„Already loads of sleeping bags have been sent to Lesbos, but those will not change anything about the hopeless situation in which these people find themselves. We want to make a difference in another way, and we think it is worth the money.“



Dutch civilians send airplane to Lesvos and ask Dutch government to use it for relocation
Air bridge: plane leaves monday morning 9am from Rotterdan The Hague Airport and comes back wednesday. Place for 189 people on board!

Dutch citizens of the Let’s Bring Them Here movement (We Gaan Ze Halen) have rented a plane to begin air lifting refugees from Lesvos themselves. It is a response to the fire in camp Moria. Besides (medical) emergency aid, only one thing is needed: an airlift from Lesbos to shelters in Europe. So, that’s where we start. ‚The more support, the bigger the Dutch plane,‘ says the organisation.
(….) See:

The Netherlands would take in 8712 refugees from Italy and Greece as agreed in the EU agreement of September 2015 on the distribution of 160,000 refugees across all EU Member States. Let’s Bring Them Here!

Development to be followed on facebook:

Dear refugees in Lesvos,

We’ve seen how fire, bad procedures and mistreatments endanger your life. We are devastated by the fact that European governments have created this situation. We have seen the terrible new camp. We see you. For years now, we know.

We have donated, we have come to help as volunteers, with food and medicine. But we know that this is not what’s really needed. You’ve asked for relocation, for evacuation, for freedom, time and time again. And although our governments haven’t heard you, we have.

So in a desperate attempt to catch the attention of our Dutch government, we decided to put money together and rent an airplane. We will sent it to Lesvos and it will arrive assoon as possible

IMPORTANT: Without permission of the Greek and Dutch authorities nobody will be allowed to be relocated. We cannot give this permission. We can raise awareness and that’s what we will do. At least everybody in Europe will know: the solution for Lesvos is not tents, medicine and sleeping bags, but relocation. We have to try, even if it fails. We cannot bring you home without permission from the authorities, but we will fly to Lesvos anyway. Something needs to happen now. We haven’t forgotten, we cannot look away,we cannot bring you home but we cán​ make our relocation demand heard worldwide​! We will make your stories heard in Europe and try to create change.

Let’s Bring Them Here, the Netherlands.
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Let’s Bring Them Here (LBTH) has challenged the Netherlands over and over again for their Relocation promises (EU decision 2015 (​1601​​and ​1523​). November 2016 more than 250 cars drove to their Parliament in The Hague announcing that they wanted to help to ‚BringThem Here‘. Next followed a lawsuit against the government, a ride to Brussels with people out of other countries. LBTH worked closely together with Amnesty International, Pax, Ecre, Oxfam and other NGOs. Another lawsuit and another year have passed, with hardly any results. Circumstances deteriorate quickly in the camps in Greece.  So with alarge bus and 35 cars the civilians of LBTH drove to Athens with the same message. Let us relocate people then! It got worldwide attention but nobody was relocated of course. Now with the fire in Moria and unwilling EU Governments, we decided to rent a plane.

FARSIهمبستگیهواپیمای -بیاوریماینجاراآنهابیاییدلسبوس-هلندازوفرستندمیلسوسبهراهواپیماهلندیغیرنظامیانکنداستفادهجابجاییبرایآنازخواهندمیهلنددولتلسبوسدرعزیزپناهندگانییاپورایاهتلودهکتیعقاونیازاام  .دزادنایمرطخهبارامشیگدنزیراتفردبودبتامادقا،یزوسشتآهنوگچهکمیاهدیداممینادیمهکتساهلاس .مینیبیمارامشام .میاهدیداردیدجکانتشحوهاگودرا  .میربیمجنرًاعقاو،دناهدرکداجیاارتیعضونیازایندرومًاعقاوهکتسینیزیچنیاهکمینادیماماما .ورادواذغاب ,میدمآکمکهببلطوادهناونعهب ,میاهدرکیلامیاهکمکامهدینشنورامشیادصامیاهتلودهچرگاو .اهرابواهراب ,دیاهدرکتساوخرد ,یدازآیارب،هیلختیارب،ییاجباجیاربامش .تسامیونشیمدنلبوحضاوام ,دناهبهدشهراجاامیپاوهکیومینکعمجلوپنامدوخهکمیاهتفرگمیمصت،دنله , نامتلودهجوتبلجیاربهنادیماانیشلاتردنیربانبدیایمسوسلهبنکممنامزنیرتعیرسردامیپاوهنیا .میتسرفبسوسلشیازفااریهاگآمیناوتیمطقفام .میهدبارهزاجانیامیناوتیمنام .درادنلاقتناهزاجاسکچیهدنلهونانویتاماقمهزاجانودب :هجوتووراد،رداچسوبسلتلاکشملحهار :تسناددنهاوخارنیااپوراردهمهلقادح .دادمیهاوخماجناهکتسایراکنامهنیاومیهدهزاجانودبارامشمیناوتیمنام .میوشهجاومتسکشابرخآردرگایتح ,مینکشلاتدیابام .تساییاجباجهکلب،تسینباوخهسیکمیناوتیمن،میاهدرکنشومارفام .دوشهدادماجنایراکدیاب .ناتشیپهبدرکمیهاوخزاورپلاحرههباما،میروایبهناخهبتاماقمزاارناتیاهناتسادام .مینکتساوخردمیناوتیماما ,میروایبهناخهبارامشتحاریلیخمیناوتیمن .میزادنیبرگیدیورهبارنامهاگنمینکداجیارییغتهکمینکیمیعسومیناسریماپوراردهمهشوگهبLet’s Bring Them Here (LBTH نامهای), The Netherlands (دنله ,میروایباجنیااراهنآدییایب)​ : تلااوس :facebookشلاچهبددجملاقتنادرومرددوخیاههدعورطاخهباردنلهاهرابواهرابدنلهرد “ میروایباجنیااراهنآدییایب“ هیریخهسسومههلارددوخناناملراپهبهعجارمابنیشام٢۵٠زاشیب ,٢٠١۶ربماونرد .((١۵٢٣و١۶٠١) ٢٠١۵اپورامیمصت) تساهدیشکیاهروشکزامدرمرفسوتلودهیلعییاضقهدنورپکیدعب .دننککمک „میروایباجنیااراهنآدییایب“ هبدنهاوخیمهکدندرکملاعا,للملانیبوفعلثم ,یتلودریغیاهنامزاسابتساهتشادیکیدزنیراکمه „میروایباجنیااراهنآدییایب“ .دشماجنالسکوربهبفلتخمیاهجیتننودب ,تشذگرگیدلاسکیورگیدتساوخدادکی .هریغوناگدشدیعبتوناگدنهانپییاپورایاروش ,سکاپ ,مافسکآ٣۵وسوبوتاکیاب  „میروایباجنیااراهنآدییایب“ مدرملیلدنیمههبودندشرتدبتعرسهبنانوییاههاگودراردطیارش .ریگمشچابنونکا .درکنادیپماجنایلاقتناچیهاما ,دمآدوجوهبیناهجهجوت .“میهدلاقتناارمدرمدیرازب“ :دندمآنتآهبنلاامایپنیمهابنیشاممینکهراجاامیپاوهکیمیتفرگمیمصت،اپوراهیداحتایاهتلودلیامتمدعوایرومردیزوسشتآ.

ARABICطائرة التضامن -دعونا نحضرهم هناهولندا-لیسبوسمدنیون هولندیون یرسلون طائرة إلى لیسفوس ویطلبونمن الحكومة الهولندیة استخدامها لإعادة التوطینسوبسیل​يف​نیئجلالا​يئازعأنأةقیقحانمدصدقل.رطخللكتایحضرعتةلماعملاءوسوةئیسلاتاءارجلإاوقیرحلانأفیكانیأردقلتقلخةیبورولأاتاموكحلاملعننحنوتاونسذنم.مكارننحن.بیهرلادیدجلامیخملاانیأردقل.عضولااذه.دقل.اًقحبولطموهامسیلاذهنأملعناننكل.ءاودلاوءاذغلاب،نیعوطتمك،ةدعاسمللانئج،انعربتدقلدقف،مكعمستملانتاموكحنأنممغرلاىلعو.اًراركتواًرارمةیرحلاوءلاخلإاونیطوتلاةداعإتبلطانعمس.ىلإهلسرنس.ةرئاطراجئتساولاوملأاعمجانررق،ةیدنلوهلاانتموكحهابتنابذجلةسئایةلواحميفكلذللصتسوسوفسیلنكممتقوبرقأيف.ءاطعإاننكمیلا.رخآناكمىلإلاقتنلاابدحلأح�

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Dutch citizens rent plane to start airlift from Lesbos, October 5th.

Flugzeug nach Lesbos: „Let’s bring them here“