In Westlibyen wird befürchtet, dass die Truppen des ostlibyschen Milizenchefs Haftar ab sofort versuchen werden, Tripolis und andere westlibysche Städte zu erobern. Der UN-eingesetzte Regierungschef Es-Sarraj hat deswegen den Ausnahmezustand ausgerufen und die Mobilmachung aller Milizen angeordnet. Darunter müssten auch die Küstenmilizen fallen, die für die italienische Regierung eine sogenannte libysche Küstenwache mimen.

Tripoli-based government condemns Haftar’s forces threats, mobilizes troops to face them

The Tripoli-based Presidential Council (PC) has issued a statement denouncing the orders of east-based self-styled army to advance on the western region and the capital, saying it is very saddened by such an escalation that deprives Libyans of their rights to security and peace.

The PC’s statement said „the provocative announcements of certain parties ordering their forces to liberate the capital“ is not the language needed at this time and won’t help Libyans build their country.

The PC said it had ordered all forces – military, police and security personnel – to be mobilized and on high alert to thwart any attacks by terrorist, criminal, outlaw, or mercenary groups in any area across Libya.

„This is to stand tough against the insistence on adopting such a violent approach by those parties who made the provocative announcements.“ The PC said, referring to Khalifa Haftar’s forces, without naming them.

It added that this escalation comes days before the holding of the Libyan National Conference in Ghadames city, which would give Libyans hope to build their future through democratic elections.
„There can be no military solution to the crisis as war brings only destruction, so all should stop using the rhetoric of escalation and replace it with wisdom.“ The PC remarked.

This comes hours after the military media office of the self-styled army in eastern Libya, which is under the command of Khalifa Haftar, had announced that their forces started advancing on western Libyan cities and districts in order to „purge the remaining terrorist groups in the region.“

Libya Observer | 03.04.209


Tripoli proclama stato d’emergenza

Il Consiglio presidenziale guidato da Fayez Serraj ha proclamato lo stato d’emergenza e la mobilitazione delle sue Forze armate „per respingere l’invasione della Libia occidentale da parte dei gruppi armati della Libia orientale guidati da Khalifa Haftar“. E‘ quanto si legge in un tweet del Libya Observer. Serraj teme un attacco in concomitanza con i preparativi della Conferenza nazionale convocata dall’inviato delle Nazioni Unite in Libia Ghassan Salamé per il 14-16 aprile a Ghadames. In queste ore è arrivato a Tripoli il segretario generale dell’Onu Antonio Guterres.

„Abbiamo dato istruzione ai comandi delle forze militari e di sicurezza di prepararsi a rispondere a qualsiasi minaccia volta a destabilizzare la sicurezza in qualsiasi parte del nostro Paese, da parte di organizzazioni terroristiche o criminali, gruppi fuorilegge, mercenari o persone che minacciano la sicurezza di qualsiasi città libica“ si legge nella dichiarazione con cui Serraj ha proclamato lo stato d’emergenza. […]

adnkronos | 03.03.2019


Haftar ordina di “liberare Tripoli dai terroristi” Il governo Serraj dichiara l’allerta generale

Una colonna di 300 veicoli si muove da sud verso la capitale: „Libereremo la madrepatria dal terrorismo“, ha detto il portavoce del generale. Nella notte i primi scontri. Il ministro Bishaga: „Difenderemo la capitale“. Il segretario dell’Onu Guterres è arrivato in serata a Tripoli

Il governo di Tripoli ha dichiarato questa sera l’allerta generale dopo che l’esercito del maresciallo Khalifa Haftar ha annunciato la partenza dal sud della Libia di una colonna di 300 autoblindo. Il contingente ha ricevuto dal comando della Libyan National Army di Haftar l’incarico di „liberare Tripoli dal terrorismo“. In nottata, secondo quanto riporta la Reuters, si sono verificati i primi scontri. […]

La Repubblica | 03.04.2019


LNA entered Gharian peacefully: Mesmari

Speaking to Libya Herald’s eastern Libya reporter today, Libyan National Army (LNA) Spokesperson Ahmed Mesmari, asserted that the city of Gharian was entered by LNA (aligned) forces peacefully and welcomed by local residents.

He said that the LNA forces had earlier passed directly through Mizda, Nessma, Al-Asabaa, Algawasim and some other cities, without any resistance. He stressed that these military manoeuvres had come only after a high level of coordination with the region’s residents, military and officers in the western region.

It is worth noting, however, that there have been unconfirmed media reports of at least one death near Al-Asabaa as a result of clashes with LNA forces during this military drive.

Equally, while the LNA says it has entered Gharian, the term ‘‘entering’’ Gharian is a relative and vague term. There are independent reports that confirm that while there is no doubt that there is LNA ‘‘presence’’ and allegiance to the LNA and Khalifa Hafter in Gharian, the LNA by no means totally controls or dominates Gharian. Some insist that the LNA forces simply paraded on the outskirts of the Western Nefusa Mountains city.

This tactic of paying a flying visit to and through towns and cities is a favourite and easy tactic used by the LNA and its allied forces to project territorial expansion and ‘‘control’’. It very often takes advantage of a security presence vacuum especially in outlying areas where no other competing forces are present – or are frankly bothered to make a presence. The tactic was used very widely and successfully in the south during the February and March campaign by the LNA. […]

Libya Herald | 04.04.2019

Libyen: Abzug der Küstenwache wegen Ausnahmezustand und Kriegsmobilisierung?