In der Nacht zu Dienstag wurde ein Gebäude nahe am Tajoura-Lager aus der Luft bombardiert, in dem über 500 Geflüchtete – viele zurück deportierte Boat-people – interniert sind. Das UNHCR fordert daraufhin die sofortige Evakuierung aller Internierten in den libyschen Kriegsgebieten.

[…] The United Nations has appealed for all refugees and migrants to be evacuated from detention centres in conflict areas of Libyan capital Tripoli, where deadly fighting between rival militias flared last month.

„The risks are simply unacceptable at this point,“ said Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR Special Envoy for the Central Mediterranean.

„People inside detention centres in Tripoli are facing ever-increasing dangers, making it vital that we immediately move them out of harm’s way.“

The UNHCR also voiced concern at the use of migrant detention centres for weapons and military equipment storage.

„Utilising civilian infrastructure in this manner constitutes a violation of international humanitarian law and must be avoided at all costs,“ it said in a statement.

The appeal for the evacuation of all refugees and migrants from Tripoli conflict zones comes after an air strike overnight on Tuesday hit a target less than 100 metres from the Tajoura detention centre, where over 500 people are being held.

The UNHCR said two people were wounded in the air strike in which shrapnel hit the detention centre’s roof. […]

Business Standard | 09.05.2019

Libyen: UNHCR fordert Evakuierung aller Internierten aus Kriegszone