Soeben meldet die maltesische Tageszeitung „Times of Malta“: Vor einem Jahr hat die maltesische Armee mit der sogenannten (west-) libyschen Küstenwache und westlibyschen Milizen ein Abkommen zur Abwehr von Boat-people abgeschlossen: Die maltesische Armee koordiniert seitdem Push-Back-Aktionen der sogenannten libyschen Küstenwache, um Boat-people vor Erreichen der maltesischen Search-and-Rescue-Zone abzufangen und nach Libyen zurückzudeportieren. Den libyschen Verhandlungspartnern unterstehen auch libysche Internierungslager, in die die Boat-people zurückgebracht werden. Das Abkommen verstößt eklatant gegen internationale Gesetze. Es ist Teil eines Bündels von maltesisch-libyschen Abkommen, die im Auftrag des maltesischen Regierungschefs ein korruptionsberüchtigter maltesischer Politiker geführt hat.

Malta has secretly negotiated an agreement with Libya that sees the Armed Forces of Malta coordinating with the Libyan coastguard to intercept migrants headed towards the island and returned to the war-torn North African country.
The agreement for “mutual cooperation” was struck between members of the AFM and the Libyan coastguard, with government official Neville Gafà acting as an intermediary. […]
He has come under fire for posing as a “special envoy of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat” during meetings with the Libyan government and was exposed as having held a meeting with a Libyan militia leader who ran extortion rackets and a private detention centre, where former regime officials and sympathisers were held.
In one such meeting, held on June 18, Mr Gafà sat in on talks with the Libyan deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq, attended by Colonel Clinton O’Neill, head of plans and intelligence at the AFM.
The meeting was led by Malta’s new ambassador to Libya, Charles Saliba.
However, a senior government source told The Sunday Times of Malta that talks between Mr Gafà, the AFM and the Libyan authorities, on the subject of cooperation, first started around a year ago. […] “We reached what you could call an understanding with the Libyans. When there is a vessel heading towards our waters, the AFM coordinates with the Libyans who pick them up and take them back to Libya before they come into our waters and become our responsibility,” the source said.
He added that had the agreement not been reached with Libya then the island would have been “drowning in migrants” by now.
A spokesman for the Prime Minister said last night that bilateral meetings on various sectors are held on a regular basis and Malta always acts in accordance with applicable international laws and conventions. […]

Times of Malta | 10.11.2019

Malta-Libyen: Geheimes illegales Push-Back-Abkommen

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