In den frühen Morgenstunden des 10.10.2018 haben erneut Soldaten eines marokkanischen Kriegsschiffs auf marokkanische Harragas geschossen und dabei einen 16-Jährigen mit einem „Schuss in die Schulter“ verletzt. Der Jugendliche befindet sich jetzt in einem Krankenhaus in Tanger. In dem Flüchtlingsboot an der Atlantikküste vor Larache saßen bei dem Angriff 58 Personen. Auch dieses Mal gab die marokkanische Regierung keinerlei Auskunft über die Art der Schusswaffen, über die Anzahl der schießenden Soldaten und über die Verantwortung für den Schießbefehl. Bereits am 25.09.2018 hatten Soldaten eines marokkanisches Kriegsschiffs das Feuer auf ein marokkanisches Flüchtlingsboot eröffnet, eine Studentin – Hayat Belkacem aus Tetuan – getötet und drei Weitere verletzt.

[…] After killing Hayat, the Moroccan navy has shot a 16-year-old boy aboard a migrant boat on Wednesday morning between Larache and Asilah off Morocco’s northern Atlantic coast.

The navy fired warning shots at the boat carrying about 50 Moroccan irregular migrants, shooting a minor, according to Moroccan television channel 2M and news outlet Alyaoum24.

Authorities have not yet reported any further details on the victim’s situation. […]

On September 25, while firing on a migrant boat trying to cross the Mediterranean between M’diq and Fnideq, the Moroccan navy killed one of the migrants, a 20-year-old woman, Hayat Belkacem.

Three other Moroccans in the boat were also wounded by the navy’s gunfire, Lahabib (26), Hamza (25), and Mouad (32). They were hospitalized in M’diq-Fnideq prefecture. […]

Hayat’s death has inspired protests in the country from Moroccans who vowed to bring “justice” to Hayat.

Some of the protesters cried, “The people want to give up their nationality.” Others called on the government to hold Hayat’s “killer” accountable. […]

Police also blocked hundreds of Moroccans trying to leave for Europe from a beach in Martil, near Tetouan, on Saturday night, September 22, which led to protests calling for “free immigration.”

MWN | 10.10.2018


Morocco navy fires on migrant boat, wounding one

The Moroccan navy opened fire on a boat transporting migrants from the North African country, wounding one of them, a military source said on Wednesday.

Despite warning shots, „the motorboat that was carrying 58 migrants hidden under tarpaulin made a hostile move which forced the coastguard to fire at the captain,“ said the source in Rabat who spoke on condition of anonymity.

One of the Moroccan migrants suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder in the overnight operation to intercept the vessel off the town of Larache, on Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

The wounded migrant — a 16-year-old according to media reports — was transferred to a hospital in Tangier, the military source told AFP.

The others aboard the boat, including men and women of various ages, were brought ashore and handed over to the security forces, the source said. […]

Fibre News | 10.10.2018

Marokko, Kriegsschiff: Erneut Schüsse auf Boat-people, ein Verletzter

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